6 Features to Look for in a Yard Sign Company

If you do a quick search for your next yard sign supplier, you'll probably find the numerous choices overwhelming. They all promise similar items, so how do you know which offers the best quality? Can you quickly skim every site to save time? Are there specific factors to consider as you shortlist the best yard sign companies?

There's a lot to think about, so we've listed six important features to help narrow down your search.


The 6 Best Features to Look for in a Yard Sign Company

1. High-Quality Products and Services
A company worth your time and money should offer the best quality yard signs. Three indicators ensure excellent products and a smooth ordering experience: durable materials, high-resolution printing, and a free online proof review.

Yard signs are usually made of corrugated plastic, an affordable material that lasts against severe weather. You won't have to worry about temporary signage falling against the wind or the message washed out after a storm. There are sturdier alternatives like aluminum composite and PVC foam if you require longer-term displays.

Customers are also entitled to their own online reviews. Single-out yard sign companies that include a free online proof before printing. Most sites send a PDF you can check and approve before they begin production.

2. Affordable Prices
Go for yard sign suppliers offering high-quality products at inexpensive prices. Since these are temporary signages, it makes no sense for you to pay exorbitant rates. Everything from printing, production, sturdy material options, installation accessories, and delivery should be included in the pricing. After narrowing down which companies offer reasonable rates, compare the numbers and see which ones fit your budget.

3. Different Design Methods
Are you a first-time customer or an experienced designer searching for the right yard sign supplier? You deserve a company that's flexible with how you create or upload a yard sign design. First-timers or novice designers can narrow down their choices to sites with ready-made templates. These are usually listed for selection before you edit the template on your browser.

All yard sign suppliers offer a file uploading feature, so look for the ones that accept designs in several formats like PSD, PDF, PUB, or AI. The site should also indicate formats they don't allow, as these will likely come out in bad quality. Those who prefer creating the yard sign from scratch can opt for the ones with an online design tool. These don't software downloads and will load directly on your browser.

4. Complete Accessories
Ensure the supplier includes accessories with your order like sign stakes and grommets . These options assure a fast and easy setup of your yard sign, regardless of the location. Most yard signs come with an H-stake for quick installation. To set up the H-stake, sink one end into the ground and the other into the signage.

Grommets are holes placed on all or a few corners of the yard sign. The corners you select will depend on how you hang the display: from a fence or around a pole. If you're displaying the sign in the long term, look for companies that offer alternatives like a heavy wire stake. These are built for years of use and keep the sign standing against the strongest winds.

5. Accessible Customer Service
Find a yard signs company known for its helpful customer service. The agents or salespersons should give you useful answers. Study online reviews and see which ones stand out with high rankings and positive feedback. These businesses are easier to reach and won't give you headaches in case of any problems or setbacks. Avoid companies with the most complaints.

6. Timely Turnaround Schedules
A reliable yard signs company gives you enough time to set up your order. It should take a few seconds to find the product features, select your yard sign specifications, and create or upload a design. Review the company's production period and expected arrival dates to see if the timeline fits your schedule. Look for their expedited delivery options in case you're working under a tight schedule.

Where to Buy Yard Signs: Your One-Stop Shop

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