Back To School Banners

Vinyl Banners for Back-To-School Events & Promotions

We have back to school banners both to welcome students back to a new school year and to provide business with sale banners meant to promote back to school discounts and school supply promotions. Both types of banner designs are fully customizeable using our online design tools.

Free Back-To-School Banner Themes

For teachers and school administrators, making banners to hang in the hallways or outside classrooms with designs that welcome students back from summer break for a new school year definitely brightens up students as they return to classes. We all remember our first school day back from a fun filled Summer break. Entering a new school year is exciting and overwhelming at the same time, and for the new students coming from elementary school to middle school or from junior-high to high school are especially nervous because of the major transition they are facing. Banners with themes that welcome and greet students is a major factor in easing the stress of those first school days back, and we are proud to help schools all over create awesome school banners to both greet and welcome students.

Our school welcome themes are also great for making banners to greet parents on back-to-school night, or for PTA members to welcome parents to reoccurring PTA meetings. To get started choose one of our popular welcome back to school banner themes below or check out all of our welcome student sign designs to find the theme that best fits the design you are looking for. Customize the banner of choice using our online design tools, and we will print your custom school designs on a vinyl banner that is sized to your specifications and ship it to you within one business day of completion.

Back-To-School Sale Banners

Designed for business owners that can profit by catering to the demographic of parents that are preparing to send their kids back to school, or to more mature students that are getting themselves ready for the ensuing school year, these back to school sale banner themes are ready to be customized specific to your brand and sales message.

Affordable and durable vinyl banners are statistically proven to effectively attract patrons to retail establishments, and this is especially true for retailers that sell products for starting school. From clothing specials, backpack stores, to the general office supply business, back to school sale signage should be part of your ad planning every year.

The eSigns design tool will continuously store the banner designs you are working on in your account prior to printing and after you have ordered. We will keep your custom design in our system unless you delete it. You can alter your back to school banners for future events and any new banners you may want to create.