Eco-Friendly Bamboo Banner Stands

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Bamboo-X, 69" x 27.5" 1 Sided

Bamboo-X, 69" x 27.5" 1 Sided

$94.99 Printed
Banner Stand Only

Looking for Eco-Friendly Banner Stands because you want to do your part in contributing to a greener planet? Congratulations, our Bamboo banner stands will be your perfect choice. Bamboo is one of the more durable materials available when it comes to its natural tensile strength and flexibility, making bamboo a viable choice for banner stands you'd like to use for trade show displays, showroom presentations, and more. Many people in your target audience will notice that you are using eco-friendly materials, and may prefer to do business with you as a result of this small part in making our planet a greener place.

Although these bamboo banner stands may seem like they are not as durable as their fiberglass and aluminum counterparts, this could not be further from the truth. These eco-friendly display stands are, in fact, very durable and their precision construction makes for an intelligent and environmentally-friendly way to display your message.