L-Shaped Banner Stands

L-Shaped Banner Stands are perfect because they are light weight and easy to use. L-Stands are also highly compact for ease of storage and portability, making them a viable solution for presentations at trade show exhibits, and their flexibility allows them to be a more permanent solution for showroom presentation displays. The L-Shaped configuration is fully adjustable, making these tension spine banner stands an affordable solution to displaying your banners in just about any venue or presentation setting. They are durably constructed and can be purchased with or without prints to be used with any existing no curl vinyl banners you might already have created.

Banner attachment to L-Stands consists of a metal bar at the top of the banner and another at the bottom of the central tension 'spine', acting in a spring-like fashion to hold your banner in an upright vertical position, just tautly enough to pull minor wrinkles out of your banner for a beautiful display. Available in multiple sizes, L-Stands with banners can be positioned side-by-side to create even larger banner displays or to create the look of a full mural.