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The Marsh brothers, Robert and Roy, led the investment team which acquired from a private owner in April of 2012 and immediately put in place their plan to fortify and upgrade this successful enterprise. Assembling a team of industry experts from a variety of professional disciplines, these experienced entrepreneurs initiated a "top to bottom" review of the company's structure, practices, and policies. With an eye on optimizing the company's growth, the quality of its work, and the satisfaction of the eSigns customer, the team that the Marsh’s assembled and empowered continues to implement improvements on a daily basis.

In April of 2016, Roy Marsh was elevated to the position of CEO and now directs the full breadth of the company’s US operations from its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Under his leadership, eSigns has expanded its production facilities in Brighton, Michigan, refined the company’s internal systems and procedures, streamlined its product portfolio, and ushered in a new era of progress and prosperity.

As thousands upon thousands of top flight customer reviews attest, eSigns continues to exceed the expectations of the people it serves.

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