Yard Sign Stakes and Wire Stakes

How to Choose the Best Yard Sign Stakes for Your Display

Yard sign stakes are an essential part of your outdoor signage. They’re responsible for securing your display and keeping it steady on the ground. You've likely seen a sign stake for a real estate ad or local political campaign. They're also used for advertising short-term promotions of businesses. It's a sure way to get anyone's attention in their daily routine or while caught in rush hour.

Without a durable stake, your business can’t capture the target market that will pass by the sign. If the sign falls, then customers will assume you aren't a reliable business.?Choosing a sign stake that lasts and presents your business in the best manner is essential. Here are several considerations when it comes to finding the best sign stakes.


1. Go to the location of your yard sign display. 2. Drive the stake into the ground. 3. Slide the corrugated plastic sign onto the stake.

What are the stakes for yard signs?

Sign stakes allow your yard sign to stand on its own. Unlike other displays you hang, stakes don’t need support from behind or any hanging from above. All you need to do is sink the stake into the ground and insert the other side into the sign. Your display will be ready in minutes or even seconds. It's the most convenient way to advertise outdoors, especially in areas your customers frequent.


What are the types of yard sign stakes?

You can choose from three durable sign stakes. The options differ according to material and cost. Use the guide below to see which would best suit your yard sign and current display setup


Sign Stake Material NOT recommended for Cost

Heavy Duty Wire Stake

Sturdiest available: galvanized wire and a zinc-plated base Signs 24” x 36” or larger Highest cost
Spider Stake Lightweight and easy to carry around: Recycled plastic Signs 24” x 36” or larger Cost efficient
H-Wire Stake Sturdy and lightweight: Galvanized wire Signs 24” x 36” or bigger Most affordable


Need your sign to hold up for long and withstand the windiest day? Sign frames are made of heavy-duty plastic or metal that keep your display standing even in the harshest weather. It’s a worthy investment for businesses that need to display signs for long-term promotions or campaigns. You’ll likely use a yard sign frame to show your business name or directional information near your establishment. Invest in the sturdiest material to guarantee the message lasts and stays readable for years.


How do you attach a sign to the stake?

It only takes three steps to install the stake and display your sign.

1. Go to the location of your yard sign display.

2. Drive the stake into the ground.

3. Slide the corrugated plastic sign onto the stake.

A suitable sign location ensures constant visibility. If you're advertising in a residential area, display the yard sign along a high-traffic sidewalk. Real estate ads showing a property is for sale or an open house should be on the estate’s front lawn. Don’t forget to add essential information such as your contact details and company name.


Where to Buy a Yard Sign Stake

You could buy yard sign stakes from local hardware stores for a one-time replacement. There are also cheaper alternatives online on Amazon. But small-time suppliers have a gamble in low quality and bad investment. Your money is better spent on specialty sites like eSigns. Unlike local stores, eSigns offers bulk discounts and fast shipping. If you need at least 10-yard sign stakes, you spend less on the unit price and maximize your budget. We’ll also show the earliest delivery date available based on your site visit. Free shipping is also offered for all orders at $75 or more. Check out how we can help display your yard signs with a sturdy and reliable stake today.