How to Design Political Signs

Make your campaign signs effective and more interesting with our tips.
political yard signs

Political yard signs are a popular, if not permanent, fixture nowadays in communities and neighborhoods. They are more common during campaign season, but it’s not out of the ordinary to see them up all year round. But are your campaign signs hitting the right notes?

Good political sign design is crucial because it will reflect well on your candidate, cause, or advocacy. You need to combine the right elements to make the sign effective. If not, your campaign might flounder even before it gets off the ground. Read on as we detail three essential design factors you need to include in your political sign.

Three Important Elements of Campaign Sign Design

Content – As far as political signs go, content is king. At a glance, a sign should show who the candidate is and what position they’re running for, or what platform they have. It should cover the who, what, and why.

The Who – The candidate’s name on the yard sign must have maximum visibility to trigger name recall. If possible, use a single word to make it easier for voters. If the candidate has a common name like Smith or Johnson, use the full name and a unique font across all your signs to distinguish the candidate from the rest.

The What – Don’t forget to indicate the position that the candidate is running for. Make it short, but don’t use abbreviations, as it may confuse passersby.

The Why – Why should someone vote for your candidate? You can include a campaign slogan or a key talking point, so voters on the fence have something to think about.

Color – Colors mean everything for political signs. First, they signal political affiliations or support for specific advocacies. Second, colors lead the eye naturally. Create visually appealing or eye-catching signs with bold colors to grab the attention of passersby.

Artwork – Aside from the content, design considerations also play an important part in creating effective political signs.

Sign Size and Shape – For maximum impact, go for large signs. However, multiple smaller yard signs are also effective in building name recall. Sign sizes and shapes change depending on your intended use. Plan your designs so you can discern what the campaign needs.

Font Choice – If you want to be taken seriously, we recommend avoiding Comic Sans for your font. Choose the right type that is easy to read, elegant, and unique.

Use Symbols – Sign space is premium. You can place only so many elements before it gets too cluttered. Use symbols to get your message across without taking up too much space. These symbols can include donkeys, elephants, flags, etc.

Designing political signs is quick and easy when you plan your design. You can use our pre-made design templates to create campaign signs in minutes. Make sure to use the tips we outlined above to boost the effectiveness of your lawn signs.

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