Passover Yard Signs

Yard Signs for Jewish Passover

In commemoration of the Jewish Passover Holidays, eSigns is creating customizable passover yard signs that Jewish people and organizations can use for celebration and announcements of Passover events. Our free yard sign templates can be customized with images and religious text to represent the freedom from bondage as they left Egypt as told by the story of Exodus in the Bible.

Free Passover Yard Signs That You Can Customize

When planning an event for Passover, these free themes can be easily customized to include Jewish images, religious graphics and the Jewish slogans used to commemorate this year's Passover. To begin, simply select the Passover design you like best and feel free to add any text and images you would like to prepare the Passover yard signs that will best suit the event you are planning.

Passover is the Jewish holiday that commemorates the Israelites leaving their bonds of Egypt led by Moses as told in the Story of Exodus in the Bible. Beginning in Spring on the 15th day of Nisan, this celebration will last for 15 days and is the most regarded celebration that Jewish people all over the world honor every year.

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