Diversify Your Advertising Efforts with Bandit Signs

36x36 Yard Sign

Affordable Bandit Signs That Will Catch Attention as People Drive By

Some business owners are going guerilla with their advertising by using strategically placed bandit signs at intersections and heavily trafficked areas. There's a good chance you've seen real estate bandit signs for open houses on the weekends because they catch the attention of motorists. They are also commonly used for political campaigns and to show school spirit during football season.

If you'd like to join the growing number of business who use this highly effective advertising medium to reach more customers in more places, then check out our selection of bandit signs.

We use durable coroplast corrugated plastic for our blank bandit signs that are awaiting your custom design. Not only do they provide a perfect surface for digital printing, but they are also waterproof and stain-resistant. Paired with our UV resistant inks, our bandit signs are built to last.

You can also pick from a variety of shapes and sizes. We have:

- Rectangular bandit signs
- Circular bandit signs
- Football shaped bandit signs
- Megaphone shaped bandit signs
- 1-sided and 2-sided bandit signs

Our affordable bandit signs can be as small as 6"x24" or as large as 36"x24". So don't be afraid to go big!

Completely Customizable Bandit Signs

It's now easier and more affordable than ever to get custom bandit signs for your business, event, or benefit. You can start with blank bandit signs and use our design tool to create a one of a kind sign. There are also thousands of templates that can be used to make the process even quicker.

If you can use Microsoft Word then you'll have no problem creating an attention grabbing custom design for your bandit signs.

Tips for Placing Bandit Signs

Before placing bandit signs check your local sign zoning laws. The average life expectancy of an improperly placed bandit sign, even when strategically installed, is usually between 24 to 72 hours. Bandit signs cheap advertising will get expensive if you have to keep replacing them. But we'll be happy to keep supplying you with affordable bandit signs if you need them.

Many cities have adjusted their sign laws to allow for bandit sign advertising on specific days of the week, as long as the sign owner registers with the city first and agrees to be responsible for picking up the signs on designated days of removal.

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