Political Car Magnets

Increase Your Campaign’s Visibility With Political Car Magnets

Take the campaign with you everywhere. Political car magnets let you show off your candidate, political party, or advocacy that you’re fighting for. Displaying election signs can help spread the message and boost awareness about your candidate or cause.

Our political car magnets use long-lasting magnetic material that can withstand the rigors the campaign trail. It is weatherproof and fade-resistant. It leaves no trace or residue when removed, and can be repositioned immediately.

Print your political car magnets with eSigns today.

Car Magnets

Show your support with easy-to-apply car magnets. You can print these for yourself or give away to fellow supporters. Choose from six different sizes.

Van Magnets

Maximize the real estate of your large vehicles. Display your campaign signs on your vans’ doors, sides, or backend. We offer plenty of size options for the perfect fit.

Bumper Sticker Magnets

Display the same message without adding any damage. These magnets work exactly like bumper stickers but can be removed and repositioned in seconds. 

Free Political Templates

At eSigns, we want to make the sign-making process as simple as it can get, especially for those without design experience. We offer hundreds of free design templates to get you started in the right direction. All of these premade templates can be customized to reflect the details you require, from candidate names, to contact information and more.

All of these templates can be used on any of our political and campaign signs. To start, you can choose the position you’re running for, a political party, or advocacy. Here are a few samples of the templates you can customize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave car magnets on while in a car wash?

While leaving it on won’t cause damage to your vehicle, there is a chance that it will be knocked off while inside the car wash. We recommend removing it before getting your car cleaned.  

Will these stick to all vehicle types?

Our car magnets will only stick to metal surfaces, such as steel and iron. It won’t stick to doors made from carbon fiber.  

How long do car magnets last?

The durable 30 mil magnetic material can last for more than two years even with daily outdoor use. We recommend cleaning it regularly to prolong its usable lifespan.  

Other Political Signs We Offer

Diversify your campaign and use more than magnets. We also offer different displays you can use when election season comes. Use a combination of different sign types to bolster name recall and improve your chances of getting seen.

Yard Signs

Almost synonymous with election season. These set the standard for political signs because they are easy to use, affordable, lightweight, and reusable.


Display your support loud and proud. Big vinyl signs are attention-grabbing and can be seen from afar. These can be used outdoors for an extended period of time without the risk of color fading.

Aluminum Signs

Show party support or share advocacy with long-lasting aluminum signs. These can last for more than 10 years and can be inside indoors and outdoors.

Window banners

Make your candidate’s presence felt with high-quality feather flags. These are best used to attract attention for outdoor events, such as planned rallies, primaries, townhalls, and scheduled meetings.