Restaurant Signs and Banners

Display Appetizing Restaurant Signs and Banners

Design delectable displays for diners with custom restaurant signs and banners. Signs play an important role in the success of a food business. They can be used to advertise your establishment, communicate important announcements, and display offers and menus.

Don’t settle with just one sign. Each type of display works in tandem with others. Take a multi-pronged approach to your restaurant advertising. Print with eSigns and take advantage of the different display types we offer:

Vinyl Banners

These signs are perfect for large announcements. You can display these on your store facade and announce that you’re opening soon or that you're now open.

A-Frame Signs

Sidewalk signs are used for curbside advertising. These have easy-to-switch sign panels, making them the best display option for seasonal promos and daily menu changes.

Feather Flags

Make your restaurant’s grand opening an event to remember. Feather flags draw attention even from afar and can make potential customers curious to see what’s the big deal.

Retractable Stands

Don't have a lot of space to advertise? Use retractable stands. These come in various types and sizes, but they all command attention. You can use these as directional signs to your establishment.

Tabletop Stands

In food establishments, impulse purchases are a big revenue driver. Displaying tabletop stands help steer customers into trying new products or taking advantage of specials you want them to try out.

Chalkboard Signs

Does your restaurant change the menu or the lunch specials daily? Consider using a chalkboard sign for an economical way of changing display announcements on the fly.

Top Benefits of Displaying Restaurant Signs

Raise awareness – Restaurants, especially newer ones, need visibility. Customers won’t visit if they don’t know you exist. Every passerby is a potential diner. Don’t play coy. Be upfront and coax people to come in.

Advertise specials – One of the best ways to promote new products, a change in menu, or seasonal specials is through signs. A-frames work spectacularly in this front since these easy-to-change sign panels are perfect for quick announcements.

Establish branding – Running a restaurant goes beyond serving good food. You have to have impeccable branding as well. Displaying custom signs and banners establishes your brand in the minds of diners. Use eye-catching fonts and design a memorable logo that customers will quickly associate with your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which restaurant signs can I use outdoors?

Vinyl banners, A-frame signs, and feather flags are designed for outdoor use. They use high-quality, durable materials that are waterproof and fade-resistant. With proper care and maintenance, these signs will last for years.

Do you offer wholesale rates for signs and banners?

Yes, you can order signs and banners in bulk. We offer quantity discounts for all of our products. Enter the quantity you need on the product page and you’ll get the discounted quote automatically.

Do you have same day production?

Yes, we do. As long as we receive your order by 10 a.m. ET, your signs will be ready to ship by the end of the day. If we receive your order later in the day, it will be produced by the end of the next business day.