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Vertical banners are simply formatted in way where your text, background images and artwork is designed vertically opposed to the traditional banner formats we often see. With our easy to use design tools, you can choose just about any of our ideas to create very nice vertical banners.

As an example of this, we have decided to use this festival banner design, because often we see outdoor festivals being promoted with vertical banners. Prior to going to our design tool, you will need to pick a size. If it is a vertical banner format you are thinking of, simply choose a size like 3x6 opposed to 6 by three, or 2x6 opposed to 6x2. These types of sizing choices will tell us that you are wanting to create a vertical banner opposed to horizontal.

Our vinyl banner design tools give you the ability to add photos, full color images and colorful backgrounds that you can position vertically in your layout. Font styles and size will also be designed in a vertical format to ensure your message is read properly. Choose the festival banner above to get started, or search through some long banner designs to find other ideas.Regardless of the example you pick, you will be able to format your banners vertically for your next outdoor event.