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Outdoor Banners Provide Outstanding All-Weather Signage

Outdoor banners make up a large majority of the vinyl banners most business owners purchase, and they need to be durable and tough enough to withstand winds, heavy rains, and prolonged sun exposure. When picking banners that are better suited for outdoor use, eSigns offers a wide assortment of advertising display options.

Outdoor Banner Products

Outdoor vinyl banners vary in their construction and display methods, and you can determine which advertising option is best for you based on these three factors:

  • Environmental conditions in your area
  • Installation options for where you plan to advertise
  • Strategic placement for your target audience

Environmental factors include wind conditions and how much exposure to the sun your prints are exposed to.

If there are heavy winds in the area and you plan to use large banners, we recommend choosing our mesh material. Mesh is essentially porous and allows wind to easily pass through, making your display stand loud and proud amid adverse wind conditions. If your intended advertising area has outside light poles or structures where pole brackets could be mounted, opt for vinyl banners with pole pockets constructed for pole installations.

Quality Specifications On Our Outdoor Banners

At eSigns, we are committed to deliver the best. No corners are cut, especially when we know that the majority of the installations will be outside. Our outdoor banners are made of 13 oz. vinyl that's folded on every end and heat welded, providing a hemmed seamless edge that makes the banners more durable. Heavy duty grommets placed along the top and bottom of the banner offer a more secure installation when hanging banners outside. We use the finest UV-rated full color inks in printing your artwork, ensuring that increased exposure from the sun will not cause your prints to fade.

eSigns takes every precaution to ensure your banners will last for years even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor Banner Accessories

Accessories to hang your banners outdoors is also an important part of your presentation, so eSigns has taken extra steps to ensure you are aware of the hardware you can purchase for a secure installation. From our pole brackets to our hem tape to create pockets for the existing banners you already own, eSigns has all of the accessories you need.

Any of our banner ideas can be fully customized using our sign design tools and your custom graphics can be applied to any of the banners we sell to create a professional presentation that is both appealing to the eye and durable. In the design process as you choose the banner material that is best suited for your outside application, you will be able to decide on the size that you need also. Factors to think about when taking size into consideration include the relationship to how far away your viewers will be. The farther away your viewer is, the larger your outside banners should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my outdoor banners fade with sunlight?

No, they will not. We print outdoor banners using UV-cured ink which minimizes the fading of text, art, and images printed on your vinyl banners under normal conditions. However, continuous, long-term use under excessive sunlight may result in some fading over time.

Are outdoor banners weatherproof?

Yes, they are. Our vinyl banner materials can withstand outdoor exposure for years. They are extremely durable and resist tearing. The edges are hemmed to reinforce the banners, giving it more strength. They are waterproof and can be exposed to rain, snow, and harsh sunlight.

Are outdoor banners easy to install?

Yes, they are. Our outdoor banners come with grommets, making it easy to install in your desired space with the use of rope, bungee cords, and plastic ties. 

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