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Scout signs help promote the various community involvement, organized events, motivational support and troop meetings that Boy Scouts and the younger Cub Scouts participate in. Whether banners are designed to reflect the scout oath, The "Be Prepared" Motto for scout meeting motivational purposes, or you want your boys to make a sign that announces your troops at the next Boy Scout Jamboree, Signs are an integral part of the scouting tradition.

As your scouts engage in the worthy causes they get involved in, making boy scout signs to help promote their purpose is a great way to keep them motivated and make them proud of the good work they are doing in the community. Whether it is a fundraiser they are involved with, or they are cleaning up a local city park, by promoting your troops, you are not only keeping their spirits up, but you are indirectly promoting the scouting movement at the same time. As community boys see the signs you have made, they are more likely to want to join a local scouting chapter and get involved.

The Boy Scouts tend to do things as one group out for a single mission, so why not have the same premise when making the various scouting signs you use to promote your troops. By using the designs we have prepared, you will be able to assign your boys to sign detail and tell them that your chapter needs a banner for a particular up and coming event they will all be participating in. By using our design tools each of them can interact with the color choices they want to use, they will be able to add their scout insignias if they want, add any slogans, mottos or mission statements to their custom sign and even upload a photo of their pack if they want to. Even if the sign takes several meetings to complete, eSigns will keep your signs for free in our system as long as you need us too. Once your boys are finished making their sign, they will be able to tell us what sign product they want us to print their masterpiece on.

Making Signs

We have created our Boy Scout Designs to give you some good sign ideas, which you can modify using our on-site tools. Once you are finished, you will be able to select any size banners or other sign products you would want to use.