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Caterers can especially take advantage of the many catering signs eSigns sells. Whether its applying truck and car magnets to market your catering services while on the road, to using banners at pig roasts and catering events where guests can take notice of your brand and your name, we have helped many food catering companies with their signage marketing needs.

Creating effective catering signs that separate you from your competition is the key to any advertising campaign. Thinking about your Catering sign designs should be as important as the sign itself. Each caterer may have their own niche for the food services they provide. Maybe barbecue is your specialty and pig roasts, oyster grilling or even Hawaii style pig pits is what you are most successfully known for. By including your specialties in the form of slogans and images on your caterer signs will go along way in creating that brand recognition you are striving for. With the many signs you should create, always try to use a central theme in your advertising strategy. Making the viewer remember you for the food specialties you cater, is the one true secret when it comes to advertising with signs.

When applying your graphics, also take into account the colors you will use to create your sign. Colors can play a major role in how attentive your potential viewers will be. Usually sticking with warm natural colors for cater designs is best. Your colors should reflect the vegetables, meats and even the type of foods you specialize in. Using reds in your sign if you specialize in shell fish catering, or using peach colors and off tans for pig roasts are good. Regardless of the color scheme you have conceived, always remember to have a good contrast between your images / background and the slogan and message you want to convey.

What Type of caterer signs work best?
From Catering Banners to Magnetic signage for your vehicles, eSigns has your advertising needs covered! Once you have configured you designs using our sign design tools or uploaded the signs you want to print, choosing the many signs you should use to advertise your food services is the next step in the sign making process. Caterers often have trucks and vans that transport personnel and food to the designated site where your catering services will be used. Why not advertise your catering business to motorists while you are on the road with your vehicles using our magnetic signs? Not only will these signs attract potential customers as they pass you on the street, but will continue to advertise your business even while your trucks are parked waiting for their next job.

With any outdoor catered event, adding that extra atmosphere using catering banners makes good sense. Especially if the catered party is a big event, having celebration themed vinyl banners will help put guests into the right mood and help them remember how great your services and catered planning was. By plugging yourself at a catered party through the use of outdoor banners, guests who were impressed with you will be more likely to contact you for a party they may be planning.

If you are catering a high end party outdoors, welcoming guests to the catered event using our free standing commercially presented signs can also be a good way to impress your clients and entice guests to use your culinary services. These banner frames can hold any of your signs securely making them stand alone signs that can be installed into the ground in minutes. Also by being able to change out your signs easily your frame can represent the many catering themes you offer.