No Drinking & Driving

Local bars and pubs will often invest in our "don't drink and drive safety signs." Not only are these signs good for liability issues that drinking establishments can sometimes face, but they will serve as a safety reminder to patrons who become inebriated to either get a cap or appoint a sober designated driver to get them home safe. If you want to help the sentiment of promoting sober drivers, our no drinking and driving signs can be fully customizable using our design tools. Upload images and get your message across that your establishment frowns on drunk drivers on our roads.

All of our no drinking and driving signs range from 18 x 24 inches on our smaller size up to 4 feet by 32 inches on our larger scale signs. Thickness starts at 4mm and can be as thick as 6mm making for a durable sign that can be attached to the wall of your pub or bar.