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Our furniture signs are a valuable tool that many different businesses in the home decor industry use every day to promote the wide variety of retail furnishings and related services that retailers and furniture service professionals offer. One of the more popular uses of home furnishing signs for advertising is made up by the retail stores.

Retailers that offer home furnishings seem to fit a few patterns in the way they utilize good sign advertising methods. In cases of retail stores, we see messages for the "shop by the room" discounts, the wholesale furniture outlet promotions, the "buy by the piece" offers and even the occasional truck load sale that may have a huge inventory of leather recliners they have to liquidate. Regardless, these retail stores make pretty good use of how they use their home furnishing signs. The variety of slogans a retail furniture store or home furnishings outlet uses, in most cases, has to do with affordable price deals, showroom clearance sales, furniture liquidation sales, and buy the room collections that they offer. Other home decor signs that can be used include, free delivery, and even the occasional lay away and financing offers for the higher ticket furnishings.

With the economy in the slump it is in, we have also seen an increase in the number of consignment stores that are advertising with used furniture banners to attract the budget conscious demographic that would rather save money by getting used opposed to new. Used furniture sales & antique store signs that cater their marketing concept to impulse buyers looking for used home furnishings is an effective advertising strategy that should be used.

Furniture signage is also no stranger to the service side of this industry. There are many service businesses that cater to refurbishing and refinishing antiques. Whether they offer leather repair, new upholstery covering, or they refinish both new and antique tables, chairs and dressers, signs are one of the more advantageous methods to engaging traffic and obtaining new business. Good design methods for the services related to home furnishings should include the furniture repairs or replacement options a repair shop can provide. Although price advertising is good for the retail furniture market, educating the community as to the repairs or refurbishment a company offers seems to be the more popular message when it comes to service related advertising.

Types of furnishing signs that can be used differ slightly based on the sector of the industry you service

For our retail home decor customers, employing just about every sign product we offer makes sense. From the furniture banners that can be positioned both outside and in the showroom windows, home furnishing plastic a-frame signs that can be displayed on sidewalks where foot traffic is in high demand, retractable banner stands that can display double sided advertisements on the showroom floor, to the furniture designed yard signs that can be staked along the road side at busy intersections, each of these applications can provide superb results to attracting traffic and targeting your audience.

Home furnishing repair businesses will primarily stick to utilizing banners for advertising as well as inserting yard signs that promote the repairs they service. If a repair shop is doing business near a busy street, banners are effective ways to draw in the demographic looking for you. If, however, you are located more in a rural area that is not directly on a main road, advertising your services on furniture repair yard signs is an effective way to engage your audience.

Regardless of the signs you need, customizing and picking the right furniture signage is easy to do with the choices and design tools we provide. All of the sample designs we have created are fully customizable by you, meaning you can change background colors to suit your needs, upload graphics, add your logo, and create any slogan or promotional message you want to communicate. Once finished with your specific furniture sign ideas, you will be able to pick from the multitude of signs products, frames and hardware you need to display your signs anyway that you see fit.

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