Greek Life

Greek life has long become a college tradition in many University campuses that accept Fraternity and Sorority charters. Greek fraternal organizations promote both the social and academic experience and help students better adapt to college life through these Greek themed social structures. With the socializing factors that accompany Greek life on campus, Fraternity signs and Sorority signs have become part of the Greek landscape. Whether fraternities will welcome new rushees for rush week by hanging a huge vinyl banner across the frat house, or a campus sorority hall will honor the induction of new pledges that have made it through to active membership, Greek banners help the atmosphere of any University's culture.

Events on campus are a source of pride among your fraternity or sorority actives and pledges, as well as among the other Greek-letter organizations, honor societies and academic societies that will also use Greek symbols to brand their organizations. By designing banners to engage the Greek spirit, and highlight the Greek culture that exists at these events, Fraternities and their Sorority counterparts do their part to make the college experience that much brighter.

Creating Greek signs to be used on campus can help identify your organization at BBQ outings, club sponsored charity events or in the bleachers cheering your home team. Once you have used our design tools to customize your signs, you can choose to apply them on the Greek banners we sell to hang at the stadium or across your frat house, representing your fraternity or sorority with colorful impressions of your "Greek Letters" as well as bold graphics to add to the main message surrounding any one of the many events you may participate in each year.

Greek banners are especially valuable in the all important process of promoting the future success and reputation of your fraternity or sorority by encouraging new members to take notice and consider membership with your organization. Outsiders may perceive Collegiate Greeks as a closed knit group that discourages outsiders, but at the same time your very survival depends on new pledges taking interest. The Greek signs you can apply to any of our banners will help you make that critical distinction of brother and sisterhoods during the school year to create interest and intrigue from future pledges, with hopes to someday be a member of your Greek house.