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Hair cut signs are used by Beauty salons for women and barber shops for men when they want to offer their hair cutting services at huge discounts to attract potential clients. There are two approaches requiring different signs you should use when it comes to advertising a hair salon or a barber shop. Hair Salon signs are designed to cater to the female demographic, where barber shop signs are created in way to attract men to their shop. Barber's signs are primarily for purposes of advertising a hair cut and possibly a shave, and since barber's cater more toward the male persuasion, other services found in the typical beauty salon is seldom offered at the local barber, meaning there primary revenue comes from the quick and precise men's hair cut barber shops offer.

Barber shop signs should be kept simple and price point should be the main attraction. Guys are simple and as long as they can get a fair price on the monthly haircut, they are happy. Even loyalty to a particular barber is not as prevalent with men as it seems to be with women when it comes to the recurring visits to the same hair stylist found in the average beauty salon.

Beauty Salon signs should include a different approach when attempting to penetrate the female demographic. When marketing your beauty salon to women, enticing them with the latest styles through photographs, promoting the latest craze in hair color and debuting your awareness of the popular trendy cuts is more of a driving force to finding new clients.

For our beauty salon business owners, after you have created a few outdoor banners and a-frames to get them to stop in your salon, you can utilize our pedicure and manicure signs to inform your clientele about the nail salon services you offer. Female Hair Salons will also sell their clients the latest in beauty hair care supplies by engaging their audience with our beauty supply signs to promote the different brands of shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products.

Another facet of the hair cut industry are the locally run beauty schools in the area. Many cosmetology schools entice locals to stop buy and get a cheap hair cut while they use these subjects to help train future cosmetologists. Using beauty school hair cut signs to promote haircuts at your institution is a great way to get the people you need to ensure your students have plenty of hair cuts to perform.

Whether you are thinking about enticing potential clients by hanging a few spa salon signs in your window or you are engaging your community with some great hair cut deals by hanging your vinyl banners under your primary business sign, our designs can be easily customized using our on-site tools to ensure you can make your salon signs as unique as you need to.

Salon banners extend from two sided hanging banners you could drape from your ceiling to large banners you could hang on your building or in your salon window, and when you are finished customizing your signs, picking any of the following banners and other sign products is easy to do. Choose the size that works best for you and enjoy the increased business you will receive as you use signs to help create new clientele to your barber shop or beauty parlor.

Making Signs

We have created our sign samples to give you some great haircut sign ideas, that you can fully customize using our on-site tools. When creating a good advertising campaign for signs, be sure to keep your signs simple and keep your message large enough to be read from a distance. Take into consideration whether your target audience will be in their car or on foot. If they will be driving, keeping your signs as simple as possible will ensure a good viewer audience, while cluttering your signs will have a negative affect on how many people view your signs.

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