Full service Laundries and Coin Op Laundry facilities use laundromat vinyl banners and signs in their overall marketing strategies to engage their target audience by advertising clean Coin Operated Laundry facilities, Discounts on Dry Cleaning, and special promotions on washing, drying and folding clothes for customers.

With the variety of laundromat signs we offer, effectively engaging your audience and communicating separate messages on different signs to target the various demographics is one of the best ways for a full service laundry or coin operated laundromat to promote their business.

If you are near a university, installing college signs in the form of custom laundry yard signs that you can place near campus to cater to students at college dorms is a great way to attract new business. College students are more prone to using laundry services and coin-op laundromats if they live in a dormatory, so these kinds of laundromat signs are very effective marketing ploys.

Advertisements that cater your laundromat to the ethic communities is another way, that laundry signs make allot of sense. For example, If you are near a spanish community, using signs written in spanish is a great way to engage the spanish speaking people that may need your coin laundromat or full service cleaners, and if you offer Dry Cleaning services, placing a few dry cleaners signs at the entrance of subdivisions is also an effective way to attract the audience that need you.

Create and customize the laundromat banners we have provided using our design tools. Pick any example you want to start with and upload graphics, enter the slogan or laundry discount offer you want to convey, and feel free to change background colors and more to match your custom laundromat banners with the theme of your main sign.

For customers already in your business, posting signs for detergent and dryer lint products, change machines and other various amenities you offer is also easy to do. Whether you want a corroplast sign to hang on the wall of your laundry to preparing a few aluminum signs for your caution warnings and other notices, applying any designs on any of the sign products we offer is simple.

When creating your laundromat signs, keep them simple, sticking to one primary topic. Laundromat buzz words could be associated to the price and value you offer, the customer satisfaction your laundromat provides, or even letting them know how clean and reliable your coin-op machines are to use.