Payday Advance

Payday Loan signs work well for cash advance money stores that loan a person's pay check amount to them to prior to their next payday! These signs often reflect the loan deals a cash advance company may offer in terms of the interest specials or the cost of loaning money, and are well suited for the promoting these types of loan offers on vinyl banners that can be seen from your street.

Money stores sometimes offer other loan services to their customers relating to check cashing services, title loans, and other money promotions you may want to look at for potential sign ideas.

Keeping your message simple for the banners you create promoting your pay check services is important! Make your payday sign's message as easy to read as you can by advertising your cost of loaning money you charge for the average payday loan you offer. If you clutter your message with too many details about your cash advance services, your target audience will not be able to process your signs making them ineffective.

We have provided a few examples of pay day loan signs above that you can customize making them unique to the money store offers you provide. Notice the simplicity of our examples, and although you can alter them to fit your business by including your own graphics, messages and logos, try to stay basic with you message like the samples we have created.

Popular Cash Advance Banners You Can Apply Your Signs Too

Here are some of the more popular sized cash advance banners you can apply your signs to when finalizing your order. Sizing is important so you may also want to review all of our banner sizing options you can use when creating your signs. After you have altered one of our designs to suit your needs, you will be able to apply your cash advance signs to any of the sizes we carry.

Making Signs

We have created our Cash Loan Designs to give you some good sign ideas, which you can modify using our on-site tools. When creating good Money Store Signs, be sure to keep them simple and your message large enough to be read from a distance. Take into consideration whether your target audience will be in their car or on foot. If they will be driving, the simpler your signs are the more effective they will be.