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Tanning salon Signs are the perfect choice for the local tanning spa seeking affordable advertising to promote their tanning bed facilities, spray tan solutions and even advertise products such as the Sun Tan Lotions you may offer. For those tan spas looking to increase their bottom line, our signs are by far the best and most economic way to ensure you generate the traffic you need to make your tanning spa a success.

When thinking about using vinyl signs in an effective campaign, one should first focus on the outdoor banners you should create. These vinyl banners will be on the front lines possibly hanging in your window or on the side of your building, and your tanning bed banners should include large block style font text sizes, (Minimum of 6 foot to 8 feet in size) to ensure your signs are easily read by drivers as they pass your tanning salon.

If you have taken our suggestions from the many tanning salon ideas we have provided, you will succesfully prompt potential artificial tanning customers to your spa ready to try out your tanning beds or your spray tan solutions you may offer.

As they come in to you spa, think about using a few of our designs mounted in one or two sign panels to prompt them to try some of the products you may offer. Possibly you offer lotions that should be applied after they are finished tanning, or you offer some of the lotions that work well for tanning beds. By promoting your products on signs within your premises, you will be more inclined to add more revenue to your bottom line.

To make the perfect campaign, choose from our tanning spa signs and begin to easily modify them to fit your unique color scheme, logo and the messages you wish to convey. Once finished your tanning bed signs will be ready for inclusion into any of the signs we offer. For your outdoor banners, choose the banner product within the sign tools and let us know the size you want. For the sign panels or even the yard signs you may want, choose the size and how many you would like to have. When you are complete we will receive your salon signs and print them the very same day and ship them to you within 24 hours.

If you need some hardware for installing your tanning signs, see our accessories for bungee cords, suction cups and other sign hardware you may need. However you decide to make your sign, at eSigns, we have put in place all the components you need to MAKE YOUR TANNING BED SIGNS YOUR WAY!

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