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Windshield signs are a great way for Auto Glass repair businesses to advertise the windshield repair and replacement services they offer.

In some States, there are laws on the books that state, "if you have a chipped Windshield, you must have it fixed immediately." As cars drive down our busy streets, rocks get kicked up from car and truck tires and is the number one cause of broken windshields in the U.S.

There are actually three effective sign products that can help the average auto glass business get their name out in the community to let those individuals with cracked, chipped or broken windshields know about your services. They include advertising with outdoor vinyl banners outside their shops, using custom Windshield Repair Yard Signs to post at busy intersections where a high volume vehicles travel, and last but not least, the car magnets you can buy that magnetically ad-hear to the side of your vehicle to advertise your services when you are on the road.

As you think about which glass repair signs in our inventory are best for the needs of your auto glass service, take a look at some of the designs we have created to help get you started. Our windshield repair signs are geared to give you an effective advertisement that you can fully change to add your company, your logo and even a color scheme that might be appropriate to your business. Once you are finished adding your business information to your signs, you will be able to choose the sign products you would like to use. Use multiple signs we offer in conjunction with each other to create an awesome auto-glass sign campaign for your business, and we are confident you will find signs to be a definite asset in your marketing efforts.