Truck Signs

Deliver the Right Message With Custom Truck Signs

Manage the flow of traffic with custom truck signs. Whether you operate a gas station, a pit stop restaurant, or a product warehouse, truck signs help you direct truck arrivals in an organized manner. You can use custom truck signs to designate specific parking spots, prevent trucks from entering restricted areas, and more.

Truck Magnet Signs

Place your business information where everyone can see it. Magnetic truck signs are removable, repositionable, and do not leave any adhesive residue.

Truck Safety Signs

Ensure that trucks know what areas to avoid. Safety signs are printed in bold attention-grabbing colors that can be immediately seen by truckers even at night.

Truck Parking Signs

Indicate designated parking spaces for trucks so they don’t obstruct the regular flow of traffic. Metallic parking signs are highly visible any time of the day.

Truck Delivery Signs

Use delivery signs to help truckers know where to go. You can use directional and instructional signs to streamline the delivery and loading process for your business.

Truck Stop Signs

Place truck stop signs in strategic locations on the interstate to inform weary truckers that your establishment is nearby. These are usually used by restaurants and gas stations.

Truck Banners

Your establishment can get obscured with trucks parked out front. Add visibility to your truck stop restaurant with large vinyl banners. A large vinyl banner will help ensure potential customers can find information about your business.

Fuss-Free Truck Sign Design With Templates

Creating custom truck signs need not be complicated! We’ve simplified the design process so that anyone can create a truly unique sign. To start, choose from our free design templates. We have artwork for truck stops and other industries you can pick from. Once you have a template, head on over to our online design tool to start personalizing. You can upload your company logo and other images and add text, shapes, and color.

Here are some of our most popular truck stop templates. You can use these and personalize the details according to your needs.

If you have an existing file you want to use, you can upload it directly. Click ‘Upload my Design’ on the product page and upload the design file from your computer or through Google Drive or Dropbox. We accept PDF, PSD, TIF, EPS, AI, or JPG file formats. Make sure that the color space is in CMYK, the file is flattened, and the resolution is at least 150 dpi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the truck magnet signs on the road?

Yes, you can. Our truck magnet signs are made of durable 30 mil magnetic material that stands up to the rigors of the road. They won’t fall off easily. Once removed, these magnet signs won’t leave any residue.

How long do truck signs last?

Our metal truck signs will last more than five years. It uses rugged and long-lasting .040 or .080 aluminum, which can handle outdoor exposure and inclement weather conditions.

Are metal truck signs easy to install?

Yes, they are. They come with two 3/8th-inch pre-drilled holes.