Where Can I Put Yard Signs? A Guide to Legal and Effective Placement

By: eSigns | Dec 13, 2023

So, you've decided to use yard signs to advertise, promote an event, or express your opinions. The burning question on your mind: Where can I put yard signs? The short answer is it depends. Yard signs cannot be placed anywhere, and understanding the rules and regulations is crucial to ensure you're not breaking any laws.

Before delving into specific locations, let's emphasize the importance of familiarizing yourself with local regulations and obtaining necessary permits. Ignoring these steps can result in fines or removing your signs, so it's better to be informed from the start.

Additionally, yard signs are versatile tools that can serve various purposes, from advertising a local business to supporting a political candidate. Knowing where to place them legally enhances their effectiveness in conveying your message to the intended audience.


Local Regulations

It's essential to research your local zoning laws and ordinances. These typically cover permitted locations, sign size and type limitations, and display duration restrictions. Fear not; resources are abundant! Utilize tools like:

  • Your local government website: Look for zoning information or dedicated "Sign Regulations" pages.
  • Municipal code libraries: Many have online searchable databases for easy access.
  • Zoning department hotlines: Get firsthand answers from the experts.


Where Can I Legally Place Yard Signs?

Once you've navigated the regulatory landscape, your sign options open up! Here are some common legal spots to consider:

  • Your personal yard: This is your primary canvas, subject to any size or content restrictions your locality might have.

personal yard signs

  • Public right-of-way (with permit): Some cities allow temporary sign placement on sidewalks or verges with proper permits.
  • Commercial property (with permission): Showcasing your business on company land is usually allowed, but get the owner's consent first.

commercial yard signs

  • Community centers (with permission): Many community spaces may permit temporary signage for events or announcements.


Best Practices for Yard Sign Success:

  • Placement is critical: Put your sign where it's highly visible, like near intersections or entrances.
  • Secure your sign: Use sturdy stakes or ground anchors to prevent wind damage.

  • Keep it clean and professional: Maintain your sign and avoid faded or damaged messages.


Additional Resources:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long can I keep my yard sign up?

A. Check your local regulations for duration limits.

Q. Do I need a permit for my sign?

A. It depends on the sign's size, location, and purpose. Check with your zoning department.

Q. What are the rules for political signs?

A. Political signs often have specific regulations regarding placement and timing.

Q. How do I remove my sign responsibly?

A. Take it down promptly after the allowed period and dispose of it properly.

Q. Do I need a permit for yard signs at events?

A. Contact the event organizer for their policies on signage.

Q. Can I place yard signs on public utility poles?

A. No. This is illegal and can be dangerous.


Understanding local regulations and following best practices ensures your yard signs are seen, appreciated, and, most importantly, legal. Share this information with your neighbors and encourage everyone to follow the rules. Remember, responsible signage makes for a vibrant and informed community.


Ready to make a statement? Start by placing your yard signs strategically and within the law!