Why Corrugated Signs are the Best Promotional Display for Your Business

Corrugated signs are a popular promotional tool for industries, including real estate and political campaigns. You’ve probably seen a corrugated yard sign on a lawn of a house for sale, your neighbor’s yard come election season, or outside a local event venue. Businesses also display them outside restaurants and stores found along sidewalks. In one glance, anyone can see the purpose of the display and what the business is advertising.

Many organizations use corrugated signs because of the material’s affordability, durability, and weather resistance. The material keeps the message good as new during the short period it’s set up outdoors or indoors. Apart from its sturdy features, corrugated signs make it easy to showcase your business and what distinguishes you from the competition.


Why Choose Corrugated Plastic Signs as Your Staple Promotional Tool


Lightweight and Durable

Corrugated signs are made of durable plastic anyone can carry across any distance. A fluted structure is set between two plastic sheets, which gives the material its added endurance and protection against external factors. The fluted structure that looks like ribs gives it that light, easy-to-carry weight. Apart from signs, you can also find corrugated plastic on shipping boxes, packaging, and construction projects.



The plastic repels moisture and prevents rotting over time—no need to bring the sign in during rainy weather. Your corrugated sign will hold up even after a strong shower. The print is also protected from fading after days spent under the bright, hot sun. Your message looks fresh, especially for anyone seeing the ad or promotion for the first time


Easy to Assemble and Set up Indoors or Outdoors

You can easily set up a corrugated yard sign in various locations. Wire stakes install a yard sign onto the ground. Follow these three easy steps to assemble the sign:

1. Go to your chosen location.

2. Drive the stake into the ground.

3. Slide the corrugated sign onto the stake.

It only takes a few seconds to assemble a corrugated A-frame sign in front of your establishment. Grab the a-frame from the top handle, unfold both sides, and it will stand up on your selected display location.


Find the Best Use for Your Corrugated Plastic Signs

Now that you know how beneficial and convenient corrugated signs are, discover the best ways they can promote your business. Check out how some eSign customers showcased their distinct offerings:

Customers looking for a restaurant need a reason to dine in yours. Highlight your best dishes as Amen Café did in their sidewalk signage

The Franklin Park Civic Association used a yard sign to reach out to more neighborhood residents. They’re more likely to see and read this sign while walking and biking at the park.

List what customers may be looking for in your specialty, as seen in Battle Ready Fitness Bootcamp’s a-frame. There’s a workout for everyone, along with a special promo.

Catch your potential customer's attention with bright colors. EFX flooring’s yard sign is easy to spot in yellow while immediately showing their options and contact information.

How to Order the Best Corrugated Sign for Your Next Promotion

Choose a sign based on its purpose and location. Yard signs are the best choice for outdoor displays on lawns or soft ground. A-frame signs stand up on a sidewalk and other concrete surfaces.

Consider your budget when finalizing the corrugated signs’ features. How much do corrugated signs cost? It will depend on the display type you choose. Yard signs go as low as $15 without the stakes, while A-frames pay a minimum of $19 sans the frames. Expect to spend a little more to include the display accessories. Prices will also vary based on the final order quantity and sign size.

Download a template to begin creating the sign. Not sure where to begin with the sign’s look? Check out the customizable templates available on eSigns. Various themes are listed in alphabetical order, helping you find a match for your upcoming product or service promo.

Explore how corrugated signs can boost exposure for your business today. Start with design templates for download, or check out the a-frame signs you can display outside your store.