36"x24" Yard Signs, 1- or 2-Sided

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Businesses looking for maximum advertising space, convenience, and affordability love our 36"x24" yard signs. With single-sided printing, you get an amazing six square feet of space for your advertisement or message (twelve square feet with double-sided printing) yet they're lightweight and an individual can put one of these signs up with ease in seconds using a wire or spider mounting stake. No need for tools or fancy hardware. Just slip the sign onto the stake and push the stake down into the ground.

The combination of ad or messaging room with ease of use and low cost makes these 36"x24" yard signs ideal for a wide variety of users including businesses, churches, schools, charitable organizations, and others.

Available with the dimensions either horizontal (24" high x 36" wide) or vertical (36" high x 24" wide) to suit your exact needs.

Full Color Yard Signs - 36"x24":

  • Use
  • Material
    4mm (about 0.16") coroplast, 36"x24"
  • Orientation
  • Printing
    Full Color Digital UV, 1- or 2-Sided
  • Ease of Installation
    Easy - Slide one end of a wire or spider stake into the vertical flutes in the coro-plast and insert the other end of the wire stake into the ground.
  • Wire Stakes
    (Sold Separately)
  • Ground Shipping
    Free (Super Saver)
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