Rolling Springer® Write-On/Wash-Off® A-Frame Sign Kit, Chalkboard, 3'x2'

sRolling Springer WO/WO Sidewalk Chalkboard, 3'x2'sRolling Springer WO/WO Sidewalk Chalkboard, 3'x2'c

Rolling Springer® WO/WO® Board, Chalkboard, 3'x2' Sign Facts:

Write-On/Wash-Off®, Kit Information:

  • Write On, Wash Off Panel Color
    Black Chalkboard
  • Wet Erase Markers Included
    2 Chisel White & 2 Wide White
$ 179.50

5-Star Excellence Award Winner on Shopper Approved

the composition of sign is a little cumbersome and takes awhile to get used to it.... save often!

Shopper Approved