Retractable Stands

Portable Retractable Banners for Any Event

Retractable banners are one of the most popular marketing display options. Pop-Up Banners are a handy signage solution with a retracting mechanism built-in to a stable, portable base. This gives you the ability to quickly display signs in small spaces and on the go. Retractable banners protect your signs and make setup easy by allowing you to stow them during transport. Once you arrive at your destination, simply unroll the retractable banner and you're good to go. Pop-Up banners are great for point of purchase displays, trade shows, and any other event where portable advertising may be needed.


Our retractable stands are constructed with high-quality materials to provide stability and easy installation at any location. Our retractable banners provide the best value for all price points. The banner material is made of 13 oz. smooth, no-curl blockout vinyl. Economy banners use anodized aluminum alloy while our top of the line SilverStep displays use a combination of aluminum and plastic with a polished chrome finish.

Banner Stand Material Sizes Available Maximum Height Attachment Mechanism
Economy Aluminum Alloy 4 80" An adhesive strip on the spring-loaded, retracting mechanism
Double Step Aluminum and Plastic 2 74" Hook-&-Loop Fasteners on the bottom and a clamp bar on top
Silver Step Aluminum and Plastic 7 90" Adhesive tape on the bottom and a clamp bar on top
Silverwing Aluminum and Plastic 2 90" An adhesive strip on the spring-loaded, retracting mechanism.

Available purchase options include:

- Retractable Stand Without Banner
- Retractable Stand With Printed banner(s) Included
- 1-sided or 2-sided banner printing

Whether you purchase a stand on its own or order custom banners to go along with them, our entire stock of banner display stands are ready to ship within 24 hours. We offer different types of retractable banners and each comes with a carrying case for easy transport and storage.

Order Your Custom Retractable Banner in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Choose the size you need for the space you have in mind.
  2. Upload your artwork or use our online design tool to customize your retractable banner.
  3. Once the design is uploaded, you will be redirected to your cart. Here, you can set your order quantity and see your order's estimated total price.

Ordering more than one retractable banner? eSigns offers Quantity Discounts! The more you order, the more you save. You can view the different discounts, as well as the turnaround time for your order below the design upload button.


Installing and Taking Care of Your Retractable Banners or Pop Up Banners

Our retractable banners and banner stands are durable, high-quality materials that will last for years. All it takes is a bit of TLC to ensure that your retractable banner stands always look good and in tiptop shape.

How to Set-Up Your Retractable Banners

  1. Open the carrying case and remove the banner base and pole.
  2. Place the base on the desired area. For Economy retractable banners, swivel the stabilizing foot 90 degrees.
  3. Extend and lock the support pole.
  4. Insert the support pole in the hole on the base.
  5. Pull the top of the banner and attach it to the top of the pole. Do this step again for double sided banners.

Care Instructions

  • Gently pull the banners when installing. Don’t abruptly yank it.
  • If the banner or the banner stand gets wet or exposed to moisture, immediately pat it down dry.
  • Don’t store wet. If you do, mold might build up inside.
  • If you notice that grime has built up, extend the banner from the base and place a weight on the end so it doesn’t retract. Clean and wash the banner and the base using mild soap and a clean cloth. Pat dry once done.

Additional Retractable Banner Specs

Material 13 oz. gloss blockout vinyl
Printing Full-color digital UV printing
Sizes 16.5" x 11.17", 40" x 24", 40" x 36", 40" x 48", 74" x 24",
74" x 36", 78.7" x 33.4", 78.7" x 47.2", 80" x 36", 80" x 48",
90" x 24", 90" x 33.5", 90" x 36", 90" x 48", and 90" x 60"
Estimated Lifespan Varies depending on use and the stand material. Vinyl banners can last up to 5 years with proper care and maintenance.
Portability Comes with a free carrying case

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pop-up banner come with a banner stand?

Yes, our retractable stands come with both the banner and the stand. You also have the option to purchase just the banner stand.

Can I use retractable banners outdoors?

No, as these may not be able to withstand strong wind gusts or harsh weather. Instead, we recommend trying our outdoor banner stand models that are ballasted and offer better stability.

What is the standard size of a retractable banner?

The standard size for our retractable banners is 78.7” x 33.4”. It offers great visibility at an affordable cost.

Are pop-up banners durable?

Yes, they are. We use high-quality materials both for the mechanism and the vinyl banners. With proper care and maintenance, pop-up banners will last for years. When the time comes that you need to replace the banner or the mechanism, you can order a replacement from us.