eSigns Real Estate Marketing Tip #4: Home Videos

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Increased Video Production

Video is continuing to grow leaps and bounds online. Not only is it another serious search marketing avenue, it also appeals to more buyers. Up to 70% of buyers say they prefer to view a virtual tour before seeing the home in person. Google Business View is the future of virtual tours. Certified photographers can take a series of images to create virtual tours that use the same technology as Google Streetview Maps. Buyers can literally walk through the home rather than just get a 360 view from one spot.

Another statistic of note is that according to Ooyala in 2014 there were 38% more mobile video views than the previous year. This is important because a growing number of buyers and sellers are using mobile devices to do research. The three most important places to promote your videos are your website, Youtube, and Facebook. The Vine app is also an important tool for creating and sharing short 6-second clips across social sites. Periscope and Meerkat are two apps that will allow you to live-stream walk throughs using FaceTime.