High School Yard Signs

Yard Signs for High School Events and Announcments
36x36 Yard Sign

Any of our free school sign designs can be applied to the corrugated High School yard signs we sell, and you can customize any of these premium designs to include your High School's logo, mascot for sporting events, and any other images that you may want to use. High School yard signs make great announcement of events such as a back to school night, PTA meeting for parents, or for promoting your weekly pep rallies. Add images of arrows to create directional signs that can be staked at your High School's parking area. Student clubs, your athletic department, and School administrators can custom create any sign they need to announce events to both parents and students and they can be easily staked along the entrance and along the drive heading toward the entrance. With eSigns high school designs and customization options, anyone can easily create that exact high school sign presentation you need with your school colors, proper fonts, images of the school mascot, and much more to make the text message stand out and be easily read.

Free High School Yard Sign Themes You Can Customize

Regardless of the sign design you have in mind, customizing any of our free high school themes to fit the exact message you need is easy to do using our customization design options. Include the name of your school, upload an image of your school mascot, and apply any message you need to communicate. Regardless of the color choice you need to represent your school colors, eSigns high school yard signs are ready to customize.

eSigns systems will continuously store the sign designs you are working on prior to printing and after you have ordered. We will keep your custom design in our system. so you can alter your high school signs for future events and new yard signs you may want to create.