Professional Signs to Win New B2B Clients

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There are many different methods to attract new clients to work with your company. Some B2B companies rely on referrals, digital marketing programs, traditional advertising, events, or a combination of these approaches.

But for any brick and mortar company, signage has to be a part of that mix. Professional business signs can be used strategically in various settings to attract the right customer to your company. The key is understanding how to design and properly place that signage to make an impact on potential buyers.

Professional Signs for Trade Shows

Many B2B marketers consider industry events as their primary avenue to connect with potential customers.

To create new business opportunities, consider a very specific set of signs to create for trade shows, industry events, or B2B meet-ups to attract the ideal customer to your booth.

Consider these sign options.

  • Roll-up Retractable Banner Stands: The combination of your company logo, tagline, and a brief message to your target audience will help attract the ideal customer to your booth or physical location.
  • Table Front Banners: Once your ideal customer is at your physical location, you want to reinforce the message about your professional services. Use these types of banners to convey your products/services and value to customers.

Professional Signs For Your Physical Location

Your physical location represents a great opportunity to get the word out about your professional services. Because you’re B2B, though, you should not create signs that cast too large of a net, attracting Average Joes to your location.

You need signage that is very specific to your company, narrows in on the specific persona you are targeting, and conveys the value of your services to help solve a need for your target buyer.

Consider these sign options.

  • Non-Curl Window Banners: These professional-looking signs can be placed in the window space of your office or facility advertising very specific services that you offer.
  • Window Clings: These types of signs are ideal for promotions to advertise discounts or seasonal rates on your professional services with a message targeting a very specific customer persona. You can also use these types of signs to cross-sell and upsell services to your target buyer.

Now, depending on the nature of your company, your physical office space may not be the prime location to attract customers. You could be at the very end of a hallway in a five-story office building with little foot traffic or located in an industrial part of town with little vehicular traffic. That’s why you need to think about a third category of professional signs.

Professional Signs In a Target-Rich Environment

Another clever way to use professional signs to attract new customers is placing signage in a specific location where your target audience lives, works, or socializes.

You may have access to information ranging from anecdotal to industry data indicating where your target customers are located. To attract the right customer with a message about your professional services, consider using signs in strategic locations.

  • Yard Signs: These types of signs are not just for residential use. Yard Staked Signs are an effective outdoor advertising tool to send a very specific message to your target audience about the specific services you offer.
  • Magnetic Signs: You can get very creative with magnetic signs placed on the primary vehicle you use for work. During specific hours, park your car in a strategic location where you expect your target audience to pass by. Let them see your message with clear and easy-to-remember contact information such as a website, email address, or phone number.

Now, you may need to receive permission from local authorities on where you can utilize outdoor yard signs and you will need to ensure that you can park your vehicle in a location where you will not be subject to fines or towing.

However, this can be an effective method to bring your message about professional services directly to your target customer.

If you don’t believe this use of yard signs or magnetic signs is the right fit for your business, then consider utilizing signs to promote co-marketing opportunities. Announce your presence in a target-rich environment to find related business partners that can pass business referrals to you. The bottom line is to think big and be creative!

Design Professional Signs to Win Customers Today!

Already have some fresh ideas for new signs to promote your B2B services? You can get started today on designing the ideal signs for trade shows, your physical location, or strategic outdoor advertising.

To get started, consider utilizing our free design templates, viewing other customer examples, or getting some helpful design advice on creating your new signs. Or, if you already have sign designs and just need to order signs, utilize our handy upload tool to expedite the ordering process.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey to use professional signs to attract new customers to your business!

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