Sidewalk Signs

Increase Brand Visibility With Sidewalk Signs

Custom sidewalk signs offer an irresistible combination of visibility, portability, and durability. These signs let you display specials and promotions at eye level. They immediately draw pedestrians’ attention, giving you the golden opportunity to advertise. Use sidewalk signs to offer daily menus, seasonal offers, new products, special sales, and more.

The content of sidewalk signs can be changed in an instant. This gives you the ability to shift messaging, whether it’s because a product is sold out, or you want to try a new marketing angle.

Made-to-order Sidewalk Signs


Treat passersby to daily chalk art or announce any sudden menu changes to your loyal customers. Chalkboard signs let you change sign content with almost zero added expense.

Letter Boards

Display easy-to-read messages that you can change daily with interchangeable letters. These letter boards are perfect for daily scriptures, witty one-liners, or lunch specials.

Sandwich Boards

These signs perfectly combine durability, portability, and ease of use. They set up in seconds, and changing the sign panels is just as quick.

Plastic A-Frame Signs

Molded plastic is resistant to dents, dings, and scratches, making these displays the perfect candidate for sidewalk signs. They can take a beating while still looking good day-in, day-out.

Metal A-Frame Signs

If you have dedicated space for your sidewalk signs, we recommend using metal frames. These are extremely durable and keep your signs stable and secure due to their heft.

More Signs for Sidewalks

We offer more sidewalk signs of different shapes, materials, and uses. Accessories such as sign stakes, dry-erase markers, and changeable letter kits are also available.

How to Create Custom Sidewalk Signs

  1. Choose the sidewalk sign you need.
  2. Select the customization options, if any. The product calculator will automatically update depending on your specifications and order details. Quantity discounts are applied when you buy multiple units to increase your savings.
  3. Upload your artwork or create your own using the online design tool. You can choose from our free design templates.
  4. Complete the order process. We offer free Super Saver shipping for orders worth $75 or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to change sidewalk sign panels?

Changing sign panels only takes a few minutes. With most sidewalk signs, you can remove the old sign by sliding it out or undoing the hook and loop fasteners to replace the sign panel with a new one.

Can I use sidewalk signs outdoors?

Yes, you can, but put a ballast if you’re in a windy area.

Can I order replacement sign panels?

Yes, we offer replacement sign panels. Take measurements of your old panels to ensure the replacement will have the right fit.