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Imagine your startup is a seedling that just broke ground. You’ve started this amazing thing, but now the serious work begins to help it grow up strong and stable.

Cultivating a seed into a tree and being an entrepreneur have this in common: They’re not for anyone that wants instant gratification. The long, 16-hour workdays, endless to-do lists and constant multitasking are testaments to that. But much like fertilizer makes growing a tree easier, the right marketing tools can ease your business’ growing pains. One of those tools is, without a doubt, a custom business signs.

If you think it’s too soon for signage, or that it’s an unnecessary expense, here are seven reasons to consider investing in signs for your business:

1.) Business Signs Make You Look Legitimate
With numerous fly-by-night companies cropping up everyday, it makes sense that today’s consumers actively look for evidence that they can trust a business before they buy. High quality custom business signs immediately add legitimacy and help prove your business is an actual company with real goods, services and investments in branding.

2.) Business Signs Help You Stand Out From the Crowd
When your business is just starting out, the last thing you want is to blend in with the crowd of other companies. A big, bold, custom business sign will differentiate you from the neighboring shops and offices, as well as become a visual reminder of the values and personality that make your company unique.

3.) Business Signs Help Establish Your Location
You’ll have an address, but that won’t make a big difference to the people who are out on the street. A custom business sign is a strong visual cue that can turn your business into a landmark and establish your location.

4.) Business Signs Direct Customers Your Way
Sure, people have GPS and Google Maps, but what about when they arrive at your destination? A business sign directs your customers to where they need to go so there’s zero frustration trying to get there, ensuring their shopping experience is second to none from the get-go.

5.) Business Signs Help Build Your Brand
Building a memorable brand is a critical part of business success. Just like your business cards and website, business signs help reinforce your brand by displaying its colors, personality and style.

6.) Business Signs Are Cheap Advertising
When running a startup, you have to stretch your budget as far as possible. Low cost, high return is the name of the game, and few marketing initiatives can play that game better than custom business signs. The best part? Their return on investment skyrockets when you use an affordable online sign printing company like

7.) Business Signs Are Markers of Success
Once you’ve got a handle on your marketing and brand image, the light at the end of the tunnel that you’ve been working for will begin to brighten. Custom business signs are a symbol that you’ve made it, and that you aren’t planning on leaving anytime soon. is one of the best online printing companies in the business. We’ve grown our startup into a leading provider of high quality, low cost business signs by giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to create signs online and avoid the high prices of nearby vendors. Get your sign shipped to your place of business fast (and free when you order $75 or more).

Businesses Get Volume Discounts!

Business owners needing a large quantity of Signs or Banners can get incredible volume discounts by filling out our Custom Sign Orders request form or call us toll free at 800-494-5850 and we will be happy to help you.

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