Cell Phones

Cell phone signs are an effective strategy that mobile phone dealers use to engage their target audience with smart phone specials, G4 bandwidth options and phone accessory promotions they can use to attract buyers to their dealership. Whether you need a few custom Verizon signs, T-mobile signs, or AT&T Mobile Phone Banners that the wireless carriers do not offer, making custom wireless promotions and adding any promotional message on our mobile phone signs is easy.

To get started, simply choose a mobile phone design you like best and re-create our signs to match the carrier you represent and add your dealer logo, upload a photo of a happy customer holding their cell phone and feel free to make your signs as unique as you like. Once you are finished, choose the size of your cell phone banner you want or pick from any of the other sign products we offer to promote any cell phone special you want to advertise.

Vinyl Banners You Can Use for Your Cell Phone Delaership

Whether you want to place a few double sided ceiling banners in your store to entice customer to buy cell phone accessories, or you simply want to use a banner in your store front window to get them inside your dealership, you will be able to apply your mobile phone signs to any of the sign products we offer as you finish customizing your banners in our design tools prior to finalizing your order.

Making Signs

We have created our Mobile Phone Designs to give you some good sign ideas, which you can modify using our on-site tools. When creating good mobile phone store signs, be sure to keep them simple and your message large enough to be read from a distance. Take into consideration whether your target audience will be in their car or on foot. If they will be driving, the simpler your signs are the more effective they will be.