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Free phone signs are great for promoting the free mobile phone promotions wireless carriers offer to entice customers to subscribe to wireless services. Often times these free phone offers are extended to wireless dealers and using well designed signs to engage your target audience when a free mobile phone promotion is underway will help your wireless dealership drive traffic to your mobile store location.

These promotions are more suited to be used with the vinyl banners we carry, but if you are in a mall setting or are in an area with high foot traffic applying your free phone offers to our plastic sidewalk signs is also a viable solution to engaging your audience.

After you pick a design you feel is right for the free phone offer you want to create, you will be able to alter your signs to be as unique as you wish using our on-site tools. After you have customized your free phone offer, you will be able to apply it to any of the sign products we offer. From applying your signs to your store front window, setting up a few outdoor banners, or engaging your foot traffic with a-frame signs, our free phone samples will get you started creating the perfect signs you need to attract wireless subscribers.

Making Signs

We have created our Cell Phone Designs to give you some good sign ideas, which you can modify using our on-site tools. When creating good Wireless Store Signs, be sure to keep them simple and your message large enough to be read from a distance. Take into consideration whether your target audience will be in their car or on foot. If they will be driving, the simpler your signs are the more effective they will be.