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On certain construction sites, workers will be on scaffolding above ground crews where the potential of objects, loose debris and even tools can be accidentally dropped resulting in serious injury, and even job related fatalities. In these circumstances, OSHA requires that the ground level personnel and guests be alerted that they are entering a hard hat area. Hard hat signs if adhered too, will go along way in preventing injuries and saving lives. They will alert workers and guests to wear a hard hat prior to entering a construction site, and if these hard hat signs are not posted properly, a contractor can face serious fines.

Whether you need these signs to be OSHA compliant or you simply need to warn workers of the potential of falling objects these construction signs are designed in a way to effectively put everyone on notice that a hard hat is required.

All of our safety sign panels can be printed on both sides of your signage and range from 18 x 24 inches on our smaller size up to 4 feet by 32 inches on our larger scale signs. Thickness starts at 4mm and can be as thick as 6mm making for a durable sign that can be attached to a fence on an outdoors job site, or hung on your wall in your warehouse or at the manufacturing plant.

Making Signs

The following construction site samples are fully customizable, meaning you can modify the images and graphics if you decide to do so using our on-site design tools. You will be able to post any hard hat safety message you need in order to warn others of potential dangers. Once you are complete with your design, choose the size, thickness, single side or double sided printing option from within our designing tools and how many safety signs you will need to complete your order.