30 Witty, Hilarious, and Funniest Yard Signs

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, whether it’s a syndicated sitcom, a stand-up comedy act, or witty yard signs. Finding humor in things is important. The Mayo Clinic notes that while laughter might not be the best medicine, it does provide short and long-term stress relief.

Remember, laughter's not the only benefit - knowing where to legally place your witty yard signs is key to getting the most out of them!

In this article, we feature some of the funniest yard signs we’ve encountered, both IRL and online. Yard signs might seem like the furthest thing from being funny, but injecting humor is a sure-fire way to become memorable. By incorporating levity into your designs, your message (and brand) can strike a more personal chord with your customers. Interested in adding a dash of humor to your displays? Check these hilarious examples out:


1. Yard Sale!


Under promise and overdeliver. Yard sales nowadays are usually ho-hum and full of stuff you don’t need. By adding a whimsical element to your advertising, people’s curiosity will be piqued.


2. No Smoking Sign


Warning signs tend to be cold, stiff, and uninviting. While it may be intentional and does the job, it can pay off to not be adversarial. In this example, the design clearly communicates that smoking is prohibited, but they won’t call the cops on you.


3. Do Not Disturb Sign


Another warning sign example but with a bit more wit. Just saying ‘keep off the grass’ is so yesterday, passe, and even tempting. Stating that the grass is dreaming and shouldn’t be awoken and startled is genius.


4. No Soliciting Sign


When you’ve run out of politeness, and they still can’t take a hint, you go bold. A simple ‘no solicitation’ sign doesn’t work most of the time. This way, you’ve spelled out all the common, irritating, unwelcome solicitors. But there’s always room for thin mints!


5. No Pooping Sign


People who don’t pick up after their dogs are the worst. With this sign, you’re able to communicate that a.) you have video proof, b.) they should be ashamed of themselves, and c.) your grandson is a force to reckon with.


6. No Signs On Yard


This is as existential as it can get.


7. House For Sale Sign


Real estate is a cutthroat business. You have to take advantage of every opportunity you can get. When you don’t have anything else, you have to get creative. Hey, who does want to live in a haunted house? Seems like a sweet deal!


8. Ex's Yard Sale Sign


Decluttering became zen because of Marie Kondo. Before, it was getting rid of anything and everything that your ex-lover even breathed on. Now that we think about it, maybe it does spark joy.


9. Nothing Happened Sign


Yard signs have this way of attracting people. Whatever is on it, people would want to read it, especially in touristy areas. They want to know more about the area and important details associated with it. Create your own history. Even if nothing happened.

10. Building Not For Sale Sign

An exercise in pettiness? Perhaps. Or is it reverse psychology and the property is actually for sale or rent? There’s only one way to know. Call the number.

11. For Lease Navidad Sign

Let your displays pull double duty. Add wit and humor to your advertisements for a more memorable and hopefully viral sign. Witty (or not so witty) puns are always welcome.

12. Brown Grass is Sexy Sign


Lawn shaming is real. If you don’t feel like explaining to neighbors why your grass is brown, why the weeds are high, or other stuff that’s none of their business, pull the rug from under them with a surprising twist.


13. Church Yard Sign

The threat of a smiting is a recipe for viral marketing. Ludicrous statements always elicit a chuckle and quickly gets shared between friends, family, and co-workers. Just don’t overdo it, though.


14.Cheating Husband Large Sign on Lawn

Yard signs can be used to put people on blast. It depends on you if you want to air out your dirty laundry in public. Just make sure that everything is irrefutable lest you risk being sued for libel.


15. Free Beer Garbage Sale Sign

How do you coax passers-by to check out your garage sale? With free booze, of course! Make sure that you’re actually giving away what you’re promising and that you have enough for everyone, or else you’ll have bigger problems than unsellable junk.


16. Over The Hillville Odd People Sign

Surprise your friends and put-up silly yard signs on their lawn. This works well in small, tight-knit neighborhoods as it's a good source of laughs. Just make sure to keep it lighthearted and PG.


17. Feet Killing me Garden Sign

Sadly, saying ‘keep off the grass’ and ‘don’t step on the flowers’ isn’t cutting it anymore nowadays. Add a creative, perhaps morbid, spin on your signs to charm people enough with your wit that they won’t kill your plants.


18. Stealing Plants Yard Sign


Stealing is a crime, even if the items in question are of low value and can be propagated. Remind would-be thieves that nicking plants are akin to more heinous acts, such as kitten crime.


19. Don't Stomp Here Yard Sign


You’d have to wonder at this point why so many people don’t follow signs, but here we are. Even if something can’t be seen, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The seeds did nothing wrong and they shouldn’t be punished.


20. Selling The Look


Display a massive Fabio sign. No explanation necessary.

21. Not Brag Funny Sign

Weird flex, but okay. The great thing about yard signs is that you can say anything you want. You have the freedom of expression to say what you want as long as it stays in the confines of your own property.

22. Jail Sale Funny Sign

Customers are always fixated on why you’re selling an item. It snowballs into more questions. Tell them you’re going to jail and the questions will stop and you’ll immediately feel the awkwardness in the air. Hopefully you still make the sale.


23. Be Safe Funny Sign

People are so cavalier nowadays with wild animals. This sign shows that you’re taking safety seriously but you have the animals’ welfare as a priority. As you should. People are the worst.


24.Happy birthdat

Don’t you love good old-fashioned harmless pranks? Yard signs are perfect surprise birthday gifts. Set them up in the middle of the night (clear it up with the HOA first) so that the celebrant will be greeted properly once they wake up.


25. Things For Sale

Sometimes, it’s more effective to come out in the open and not sugarcoat things. We all know where the clothes and items in a flea market are from, but putting a morbid spin to the advertising display for your sale is next level.


26. I hope You're Happy

You can use community boards to display hilarious messages to entice people to stop and visit or at the very least, take a picture. Make it extra silly and ludicrous to up the chances that it will go viral.


27. No Stones

You have to admit, this is tempting fate.


28. Hello? Looking for Deals?


Wit sells. No matter how mundane your products or your yard sale is, if the sign is witty and intelligent, people will take the time to drop by and visit. You'll see it in their eyes. You’ll see it in their smile.


29. Going Jogging


While this type of humor might not be kosher anymore, you can see where it’s coming from, especially if it’s on a popular jogging route. Once you update the content, it’s a great way to add a smile to joggers running past.


30. Like and Share


This is our message to you. Pretty please?


Yard signs don’t have to be boring and stiff. Adding humorous elements to your displays will definitely put a smile or a chuckle to anyone who sees it. Don’t fancy yourself as a comedian? Don’t fret, we have free funny templates you can use. Flex your funny bone and print yard signs from eSigns today.