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36x36 Yard Sign

How to Make a Custom Yard Sign Online

Yard signs are one of the most common displays used in the country. Whether professionally printed or homemade, lawn signs are a tried-and-tested way of promoting sales, products, or advocacies in a neighborhood. Although making a sign is simple, creating an effective one is a different matter. We’ve outlined a few helpful tips to consider when making your yard signs:

  • Plan and sketch ahead of time – Do you want a single sign or multiples? How big do you want to go? Will you be hand-drawing on the sign itself or printing on stickers? Planning lets you anticipate your needs before potential problems, which can get costly, arise.
  • Keep it simple – One of the worst mistakes in making a yard sign is overloading it with information. Avoid this, as visual clutter makes the sign hard to read. Keep it short and simple, and invite viewers with a powerful call to action.
  • Consider all angles – When you display your sign, make sure that it’s facing traffic. No matter how awesome your sign is, it won’t be effective if no one can see it. To maximize the number of views, consider double-sided yard signs
  • Admit you need professional help – For printing, that is. Personal signs for a yard or bake sale are acceptable if done DIY. However, real estate agents and businesses need to look more polished and reflect their brand. Online printing providers such as eSigns help you create professional-looking displays.

  • Making a Yard Sign With eSigns, Step by Step

    Step 1: Choose the size and shape of your yard sign.

    A key decision in making yard signs is the size. Using the right size is crucial in communicating your message effectively. The most popular sizefor yard signs is 18” x 24”. It provides good visibility even from afar. Bigger options you can consider are 24” x 36” and 18” x 30”. Both of these are quick to catch attention, owing to their size. For immediate impact, a square 24” x 24” yard sign also works wonders.

    You can also get creative and use custom shapes for your yard signs. Getting off the beaten path and using signs with a unique shape will pique the interest of passers-by. eSigns offers custom circle, football, and megaphone shapes.

    Step 2: Choose the yard signs options.

    Once you’ve decided on the dimensions of your yard signs, the next order of business is to decide how you plan to display them. The classic, tried-and-tested method is using sign stakes. These are sturdy, easy to use, and cost-effective. If you plan on hanging them, you can add grommets to the sign panels.

    Step 3: Choose the quantity of yard signs.

    With eSigns, you can order as few or as many yard signs as you like. There are no minimum order quantities. However, we recommend ordering in bulk to stretch your budget. With our quantity discounts, you save more when you print more. You can check out just how much you can save in the table below:

    Quantity 5+ 25+ 50+ 100+
    Cost per sign $9.06 $8.40 $6.5 $5.54
    Turnaround time 0 day 0 day 0 day 0 day

    Step 4: Pick your design method

    How do you want to translate your vision for your yard signs? You can choose from our thousands of free design templates or upload your own. Using pre-made templates lets you create a custom design in minutes. We offer templates from every industry imaginable. Once you’ve selected one, you can use our free online design tool to customize it. You can personalize the design by adding your company logo, brand name, and contact information.

    Are you a visual learner? Watch the video below for a brief glimpse of how our online design tool works.


    Design Tips for Your Yard Displays

    Keep messages short – Novels belong in books, not on yard signs. Keeping messages short on your displays ensures maximum impact. Having a cluttered, text-heavy design is difficult to read and understand, especially with the few seconds your audience has. Communicating concisely gives you a better chance of converting.

    Add a call-to-action – After viewing your yard sign, now what? Adding a call-to-action to your display gives your viewer a cue, a nudge in the right direction. Get straight to the point and tell them what you want them to do. Whether you want them to call you ASAP, visit your store, or check out your website, cut to the chase and spell it out.

    Double the impact by using a double-sided sign – Depending on your sign’s location, you can also consider a double-sided design. This works well for two-way traffic so that you’re assured that everyone who passes by will see your sign regardless of the direction they came from.