How to Place Yard Signs

Learn how to place yard signs for maximum effectiveness.
custom yard sign placement

Yard sign placement is easier said than done. It might seem like a simple, trivial thing to do. But you have to consider numerous factors before you bring out the sign stakes, like visibility, legality, effectiveness, and so on. You have to consider all these different factors to create maximum impact.

We’ve compiled a few tips to maximize the effectiveness of your custom yard signs:

Tips to Increase the Effectiveness When Placing Yard Signs

Research local laws – If you want to display yard signs on public property, read up on local laws. Different states have different regulations. A small town in Utah will have different rules for displaying yard signs as opposed to a community in Florida, for example. If you can’t find the restrictions on signs in your state, get in touch with the local government. It’s better to have the law on your side rather than communicating with them after the fact.

Always ask permission – If you’re displaying yard signs on private property that’s not your own, ask permission. Always—no exception. When you ask permission, the worst thing that can happen is they say no. They can remove or destroy your signs or even call law enforcement on you for trespassing if you don’t.

Location, location, location – Before driving the stake and displaying your yard signs, ensure that the site is advantageous. You want a high-traffic area that provides maximum visibility. If no one is around to see your signs, it’s a wasted effort. High-impact locations to consider placing yard signs nearby are shopping malls, retail outlets, busy intersections, public parks, etc.

Employ social media – Take a two-pronged approach to your displays. Use the power of social media to drive the point further. Displaying printed yard signs and posting the same graphics on social media creates consistent messaging. Think of it as planting seeds that will eventually grow and blossom.

Yard Sign display is strategic. Remember to follow these tips to ensure that your message is heard loud and clear by your target audience. These simple steps can help increase awareness of your products or projects.

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