How To Secure Yard Signs

Keep your yard signs safe and learn to avoid being a victim with our short guide.
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Year after year, the number of stolen or vandalized yard signs grows exponentially. The problem is more pronounced come election season, no matter which political side you lean on. Even if sign theft or vandalism is illegal, that fact isn’t enough to stop thieves. It can be frustrating, especially if it continually happens.

To combat this growing problem, here are a few tips you can use to help minimize the chances of theft and vandalism for your displays:


How to Prevent Yard Signs From Being Stolen

Simple Ways to Secure Yard Signs

Start with the basics. Use these tips first if you haven’t already. These are the simplest ways you can reduce instances of theft or vandalism.

Place it near your house or in front of windows – The closer the signs are to your home, the lesser the chances that thieves or vandals will risk taking it. This tip works well in tandem with CCTV cameras. If they get close enough to your house or windows, you’ll get video proof of their crime.

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Bring your signs in at night – Although inconvenient, simply removing the sign panels at night and bringing them inside your house works wonders. As far as thieves and vandals go, out of sight, out of mind.


Creative Ways to Secure Yard Signs

At your wits’ end on how to stop yard sign theft? You can employ some of these unconventional techniques.

Create a personal alarm – You can rig a personal alarm on yard signs so that an alarm goes off if anyone messes with it. This measure is usually enough to send would-be thieves running, but you can also use this with CCTV cameras.

Rub some petroleum jelly – Weird textures are a quick and simple deterrent for yard sign thieves. You can rub petroleum jelly on the back of the sign panels, which will surprise and deter thieves and vandals. Some people include glitter in the mix since it’s hard to get off.

Use a fishing line trap – You can protect your yard signs using a fishing line in two ways. You can tie the sign panel to a fixed object like a tree or a pillar or use it to trip over thieves at night. Or you can do both.