Indoor Dining Signs

Create a Welcoming Environment With Indoor Dining Signs

Eating out is a whole new ballgame in the new normal. A lot more planning is needed in deciding where to eat since customers’ dining behaviors changed practically overnight. Seeing visible signs regarding COVID safety protocols is a must.

For restaurateurs, you need to place these visual reminders both for customers and employees. This reassures your diners that your business is taking health and safety protocols seriously. Aside from safety information, you can also use indoor signs to communicate any changes in operating hours. This gives potential patrons all the info they need in order to feel safe and at home at your establishment. Displaying dine-in details lets customers know any mask or vaccine requirements, seating capacity changes, or new menu items to try out. We offer a wide range of display products that can help improve the dining experience of your customers. Choose one that fits your needs best!

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are the best way to create big announcements. It’s affordable, durable, and can be seen even from afar.

Window clings

Window clings are easy to place and reposition, making it a great option to display information that may change over time, such as operating hours and accepted payment methods.

Floor graphics

Floor graphics are crucial for social distancing reminders and as directional signage. You can place these inside your restaurant or in strategic locations leading to your business.

PVC foam panels

PVC foam panels are a versatile display solution for restaurants and cafes. These are lightweight and durable, making them a good option for your establishment’s main signage. You can also use small panels as directional signage.


A-Frames, more popularly known as sidewalk stands, work best in advertising daily specials and menu items. The panels are inexpensive and easy to change, giving you the flexibility to change your strategy in seconds.

Retractable banner stands

Retractable banner stands are best placed near the cashier as a point of purchase marketing tool. You can advertise your new products, seasonal offers, and other offerings.

X-Frame banner stand

X-Frame banner stands are an affordable option for point-of-purchase marketing. These are easy to set up and can be used to draw attention to specific deals or items you want to highlight.

Outdoor stands

Outdoor stands are used outside your establishment to complement your branding efforts. You can use these to inform customers about store hours, mask or vaccine requirements, as well as take-away options.

Customize or Create Your Own Dining Signs

Having a fully customized indoor dining sign is easy! The simplest way to create a new, personalized sign is to choose from the hundreds of free templates we offer. These pre-made designs can be a great start that you can build upon. You can use our online design tool to customize it further – add images and text, or play around with shapes and colors. Below are some of our dining sign templates to inspire you:

You can also opt to upload your own designs. Make sure to use a CMYK color space, have a minimum resolution of 150 dpi, and save the design file as PDF, PSD, TIF, EPS, AI, or JPG. You can drag and drop the files from your computer or upload directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.