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For decades, houses of worship have used signs to not only display their name, denomination and service times, but also to inspire others to open their hearts to the word of God. Even though they may seem like a small detail, church signs are one of the many tools that can help others find their spirituality.

There’s no electronic church sign generator that does the work. The inspirational messages come from variety of sources, and sometimes they are found where you least expect it. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your custom church signs, here are a few places to turn for words of wisdom.

1. The Scriptures

There’s no better source of religious inspiration than the Scriptures. The words of God are undeniably powerful and speak to people’s need for spiritual guidance. Another reason to turn to the Scriptures for inspiration is because the teachings are easily identifiable. Many people became familiar with popular passages early in life, and they resonate with them still today.

2. Parables

Many parables are interesting, easy to remember and have teachings that are very close to the Scriptures. Their lessons apply to a wide range of audiences, which is why they are so memorable. From the parable of the sower of seeds to the parable of the lost sheep, these subtle messages will help your church connect with the community around you.

3. Nature

The beauty of nature has inspired great works of art, classic novels and artisan crafts of every sort. Nature provides a sense of connection with life and God. It reminds us of the greatness of our Creator, encourages us to lessen our focus on worldly, man-made possessions and speaks to what really matters in life.

4. Leaders, Authors, Artists, and Theologians

Another source of inspiration comes from the words of well-known leaders, theologians, artists and authors like C.S. Lewis. Those who are blessed with a talent for words and music know how to inspire others with their words. They create simple, yet powerful messages that hit home and created a sense of hope. That is the exact purpose of church signs, which is why the writings and sermons of famous leaders such an amazing sources of inspiration. specializes in helping customers around the country create affordable custom church signs that inspire their congregation, their neighbors and their community. Once you have decided on the message, our online design tool makes it easy to turn that message into a beautiful sign that will help your church connect with all who see it.

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