Political Sign Do’s & Don’ts

36x36 Yard Sign

Political signs are a candidate’s calling card. When done right, they can win over voters and help build name recognition. When they miss the mark they can drain your valuable campaign funds. Before ordering political signs online, take a few minutes to look over the essential do's and don’ts of creating custom campaign signage.

Do make sure all of the critical information is legible from a distance - The candidate’s name and the office that they are running for should be front and center for all to see.

Do consider where signs will be located - Will the signs be indoors or outdoors? What will the visibility be like? Will the signs need to be placed up high or will they be low to the ground? The answers to these questions will determine the types of signs you need and the accessories needed to display them.

Do include re-elect if you’re an incumbent - That one little word lets voters know that you already hold the office. In the minds of many voters that means you’re highly qualified and can handle the job. Often that’s enough to convince undecided voters that you’re the candidate that’s best suited for office.

Do invest in a larger sign size - When in doubt, bigger is always better. This is especially true if the candidate has a long last name or common last name that necessitates including the first name too.

Do use high contrast with your colors - Colors that contrast make your messaging stand out. White and black is the most extreme example of color contrast, but there are many more color combinations that offer distinct variation. One thing to consider: white lettering on a dark background is usually easier to see at night.

Don’t clutter the signage - Political signs, particularly yard signs, are an example of less is more. If the sign is too busy people are less likely to pick out the essential, need-to-know information.

>Don’t forget to check political sign regulations - Some local municipalities and states require certain verbiage on custom political signs or limit their size. For example, you may have to specify who the sign was authorized and paid for. Your city may also have ordinances governing where and how political signs can be displayed.

Don’t shy away from bold colors - Bold colors get noticed, and that’s exactly what you want with political signs. Red, yellow, yellow-green, and teal are all good options. Yellow is perhaps the best accent color to use, because according to Color Matters that’s the color that the human eye detects first.

Don’t use a font that’s difficult to read - Again, the most important thing is to design signs that are easy to see and decipher. The font should be bold, professional looking and easy to read from a distance.

Don’t think you have to include your first name - As mentioned above, if you have a common last name you may have to include your first name but not always. Most of the time all that’s really needed is the last name. It’s typically more effective to nix the first name and make the last name larger.

Don’t include a date - For one, the date isn’t really necessary. Secondly, if you buy durable, weather-resistant political signs they can be used again in the next election.

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