What Are Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs?

One of the most popular and ever-reliable advertising displays are yard signs. You can see them in front of lawns and businesses throughout the year. From simple garage sales, political campaigns, leased properties, to new businesses, yard signs play an integral role in communicating to a wider audience in an affordable way.
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What Is Corrugated Plastic?

A key factor in the effectiveness of yard signs lies in the material. Corrugated plastic makes yard signs affordable and gives it versatility. But what exactly is corrugated plastic? Corrugated plastic is a board material made out of three layers of plastic. A fluted piece of plastic is sandwiched by two thin layers. It is commonly referred to as coroplast, which is the trademarked brand name of the world’s largest producer. Thanks to its multiple layers, corrugated plastic is lightweight, durable, and impact-resistant.

Advantages of Using Corrugated Plastic Yard Sign

  • Durability – Corrugated plastic yard signs handle outdoor exposure with ease. These are weatherproof and UV-resistant. The material is impact-resistant as well, minimizing dents. With proper care and maintenance, plastic yard signs can last up to two years.
  • Ease of installation – Corrugated plastic yard signs can be installed in seconds. Drive sign stakes into the ground and insert the prongs into the fluted holes in the yard sign. When you need to remove it or change signs, it’s just as easy as well.
  • Portability – Having numerous large signs can get unwieldy but corrugated plastic yard signs are portable and lightweight. You can stack them together in the trunk of your car on in the garage. Since these signs are made of impact-resistant plastic material, damage is prevented even if stored for long periods of time.
  • Affordability – Corrugated plastic yard signs are an affordable display that individuals and businesses can use. They are also reusable, ensuring that your budget gets stretched as far as it can.

  • Common Uses of Coroplast Yard Signs

    Campaign Signage – Whether you’re supporting candidates for a federal position or running for the school board, you can use yard signs communicate political messages clearly. Display what you stand for so that voters get to know you or your candidate better.

    Councilman judge school board



    School Board

    Real Estate Signs – Yard signs are perfect for real estate. They are easy to set up, and you can add a rider to add extra messages. Notify people whether it’s reserved, in escrow, or sold.

    real-estate-new-listing-sign real-estate-owner-financing-signs real-estate-rental-signs

    New Listing

    Owner Financing

    Real Estate Rental Signs

    Security Notices – Safety requires big, noticeable signage. Use yard signs for construction zones and restricted areas to keep both pedestrians and your workers safe.

    Construction hard hat driving safety

    Construction Zone

    Hard Hat Required

    Driving Safety

    For Sale Signs – Selling something? Yard signs are a great way to attract attention from passers-by on the road. These are usually used to promote garage sales, but can also be used when you have other items for sale, such as homecooked food, cars, and houses.

    yard-sale-banner garage-sale-signage themed-yard-sale-design




    Parking Signs – Yard signs provide great visibility for parking instructions. Directional signage, reserved slots, and handicapped parking spaces are among its most common uses.

    reserved-parking-sign restricted-parking-signs road-parking-signs

    Reserved Parking Signs


    Road Signs Online

    Creating Your Own Corrugated Yard Signs

    Excited to create your own corrugated plastic yard signs? You can create custom signs in minutes by using our free design templates. eSigns lets you personalize pre-made designs for practically any industry or occasion. Select a template, then customize it using our online design tool. You can upload your own images or brand logo, then add text, shapes, and colors.

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