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You decided create a custom vinyl banner for your business – awesome! But now you’re faced with a lot of design decisions. This is the time when our design team gets a lot of inquiries from customers wanting to know more about vinyl banner sizes, materials and general style guidance.

We’ve put together this vinyl sign style guide to help you select the sign that will make the biggest statement.

Choosing a Vinyl Banner Size

The first style choice that needs to be decided is the size of your sign. The size you choose will affect the overall design so this has to be figured out before the creative juices start flowing. There are two major considerations to keep in mind while choosing a vinyl banner size: where and how the sign will be hung and price.

Where you plan to put the sign will determine how large you can go. Measure the space to get the exact dimensions so you know what you’re working with. Of course, you may not want to fill the entire space with the sign, but now you’ll at least know the maximum dimensions. Bigger usually equals better, especially for outdoor signs, but you’ll need to make sure the sign is not covering up features or getting in the way. While measuring the space also consider your options for displaying the sign. Vinyl banner can be hung, draped from a pole or suspended.

Another thing to consider is that usually the bigger you go with the vinyl banner size the more expensive it is going to be. Since design doesn’t cost extra at it’s easy to determine how much more one size will be than another. To help you decide on the appropriate font size for your banner, use the Letter Font Size Calculator.

If you’re looking for something outside the standard vinyl banner size there are plenty of options to choose from. At we offer dozens of sizes from 2’x2’ to 10’x50’.

Vinyl Banner Materials

Vinyl is an excellent material for banners of all sizes because it’s flexible, waterproof, weather resistant, and prints beautifully. But there are different types of vinyl that are best suited for specific purposes.

Vinyl Banner Materials

Heavy-Duty premium 13oz vinyl is available, and it’s an excellent option for demanding outdoor environments. This is the material typically used for outdoor pole banners.

Matte Vinyl – Many people use matte vinyl for indoor signs, particularly ones that will be illuminated by spotlight or overhead lighting.

Gloss Standard 13 ounce Vinyl – Glossy vinyl banners are commonly used outdoors because they catch the sunlight well and are super weather resistant.

Additional features to look for include hemming along the perimeter for extra durability and grommets for easy hanging. If you plan to put the banner outdoors in an area that’s windy, we recommend using mesh banner instead. The mesh material is designed to allow wind to pass right through without affecting the sign.

Vinyl Banner Shapes - Most vinyl banners are a rectangular shape. However, there are also square options available. Refer back to the measurements that you took to decide which shape will fit the space best.

Orientation - A vinyl banner can run vertically or horizontally. Deciding between the two often comes down to how you want to display the sign and the design. If you have a tagline or statement in the design a horizontal sign will have better readability. Vertical signs can help draw the eye upward, which could help if you have signs, menus, etc. higher up.

If you still have questions, we want to hear them! We’re always happy to help customers create amazing custom signs from the ground up.

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