The Ultimate Vinyl Banner Installation Guide

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The following information will cover all of the variables that should be considered when installing vinyl banners. From a banner's construction, which fasteners to use depending on where a banner will be placed, to what not to do when installing a banner, we are confident that the following guidelines, will assist in making sure your banner will be safely installed and properly exposed for optimal viewing.

1.) Make Sure Your Banner Is Constructed Properly

One of the most important factors to consider when installing a banner for any event or promotion is to make sure the banner you are using has been constructed properly. When a banner is constructed properly, the finishing process provides necessary reinforcements and critical elements that are needed in order to properly install a banner. Without the necessary finishing options in place, the installation of a banner is impeded.

2.) What Fastening Methods Should I Use To Install Banners

There are a number of fasteners and innovative methods that can be used to secure vinyl banners and depending on the area or environment where a banner is to be installed, different techniques and hardware will be preferred. This part of our banner installation guide will identify a variety of methods and fastening devices to help install vinyl banners regardless of location or obstacles.

3.) Common Mistakes When Installing Banners

The installation process of hanging banners is not difficult in most cases, but there some common bad practices that we wanted to point out on what not to do in order to ensure the end result of installing banners is performed in a manner that incorporates good safety practices and methods to ensure your banner's visual appeal is not hindered.

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