eSigns Quick Banner Guide

36x36 Yard Sign

In this article, we wish to demystify the jargon and terminologies used in printing processes in order to share a simpler, better understanding for everyone. The sheer amount of banner products can sometimes be overwhelming, but reading this quick guide can shed light on some of the most common questions customers have regarding vinyl banners. Let’s dive in!

  • Matte vinyl banners - 13 oz. vinyl material with a matte finish. Gives subdued colors and has a glare-resistant surface.

  • Gloss vinyl banners – Our most popular vinyl material. The 13 oz. vinyl banner can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its shiny surface provides vivid colors and is best used with image-heavy designs.

  • Mesh vinyl banners – Lightweight vinyl material with a webbed construction, making it the ideal outdoor display in areas with heavy wind gusts. Comes in 8 oz. and 12 oz. variants.

  • Step and repeat banners – Banners with repeating patterns usually used during events and photoshoots.

  • Premium vinyl banners – Heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl for demanding environments. Ideally used outdoors but can be used indoors as well.

  • Pole banners – Vinyl banners hung on a pole. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Table banners - Vinyl banners placed on the front of tables during events and tradeshows. These are unhemmed and have no grommet holes for a streamlined look.

  • Banner stands – Vertical vinyl banners propped up by a stand, usually made of aluminum, plastic, or bamboo.

Glossary of Technical Terms

  • Weight – The ounce count for vinyl banners denotes how many ounces of the material are in a square yard. The higher the weight, the thicker the material.

  • Denier – A unit of measurement that determines fiber thickness in textiles. At eSigns, we use high quality vinyl material with a 1,000 x 1,000 denier.

  • Hemming – Edges of vinyl banners are hemmed to provide sturdiness and reinforcement. The edges are folded over the back of the banner and sewn or heat-welded.

  • Grommets – Grommets are rings usually 1/2" in diameter. These are inserted on the edges of vinyl banners for easy hanging. eSigns uses sturdy nickel grommets on vinyl banners.

  • Mesh - Material that is webbed together to create a porous vinyl. It is incredibly lightweight and permeable to air and sound, making it the ideal material for outdoor displays.

  • Pole pocket – Pole pockets are extra vinyl material wrapped around the back of the banner similar to hemming. This creates space for a pole or rod to go through. These are usually placed on the top, side, or bottom of banners.

  • Wind slit – Wind slits are crescent shaped cuts made through your vinyl banner that allow wind to flow through the banner.

Banner Making 101

Crafting custom vinyl banners is straightforward but making one that leaves a lasting impact takes a bit more work. Designing graduation banners, for example, involves more than just placing ‘congratulations’ in the middle. It has to have the right mix of the size, color, design, and copy. You can start off by incorporating the following tips:

  • Determine the location - Are you going to hang your vinyl banner indoors or outdoors? Will it be at eye level or will it be displayed far away? Determining where the banner will be situated will give you information that will make you succeed, such as the size required and the finish needed in order to get the maximum effect.

  • Define messaging - What do you want to say? The most important tip is to keep it short and sweet. You only have a limited time to capture your viewer’s attention so getting your message across in an instant is crucial. Minimize irrelevant information and stick straight to the point.

  • Create a layout - Once you have envisioned what you want your banner to say, you can add design elements to make it more interesting. You can add images, logos, or colors that heighten the overall appeal of your banner. Remember to always use colors that are on-brand to boost name recall.

Vinyl Banner Assembly Accessories

There are a number of ways to display vinyl banners. You can simply hook them using the included grommets, or use different accessories in order to create a better, more appropriate look. Here are a few of the ways vinyl banners can be displayed:

  • Suction cup hooks – Indoor banners can be placed on glass windows using suction cups. These make the banners easy to install, remove, and reposition.

  • Pole banner bracket kits - Our pole banner kits allow you to take banners finished with up to 2½" flat-measure pole pockets and use them on square, round, or multi-sided poles.

  • Hook & loop fasteners – A quick and easy way to display banners without using rope and hooks. Normally used with table front banners.

  • Banner stands – Put up portable professional displays. Banner stands let you install banner displays anywhere in seconds.

  • Banner frames – Free-standing installation used with large, custom-sized banners.

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