Stand up to strong winds with!

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Ordering wind-resistant online signs is about to get a whole lot easier . . .

Our customers in windy cities like Chicago, Amarillo and Denver know the difference a mesh banner can make.

Designed primarily for outdoor use, our mesh banners are specifically constructed to move with the wind. They are made with 8oz vinyl that’s perforated to allow the wind to flow through while still providing an excellent surface for a banner’s printed message. The artwork and colors are softer compared to glossy vinyl banners but are still legible from a distance. Mesh banners are also more lightweight than vinyl banners so they are easy to install and store. But don’t let their weight fool you, our mesh banners are durable enough to stand up to strong winds with heat welded hems on all four sides.

Another great use for mesh is for store front banners. Since the material is perforated to permit air flow, it also allows for light to shine through. Hanging them up in your store will permit some visibility through windows and also allows natural light into the store.

Heavy winds, shorts gusts, gentle breezes – it’s all the same when you have a mesh banner from!

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