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Celebrate With Fun and Festive Easter Signs and Banners

Easter is an important holiday for the community and a popular occasion for celebration. Creating customized signs and banners is a straightforward and effective way to announce events, whether you’re planning an Easter egg hunt with children, or promoting religious services and youth activities. Custom banners are popularly used at religious gatherings and worship services to convey scripture during the Lenten Season, starting from Palm Sunday to the Crucifixion on Good Friday leading to Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday. Secular events, such as Easter egg hunts, utilize colorful yard signs and vinyl banners to invite more guests to join and participate in the festivities.

Our custom vinyl banners use durable 13 oz. vinyl that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This material is weatherproof and will last for years. The banners are printed with UV-cured ink, making them resistant to fading even with continuous outdoor use. Easter yard signs use 4 mm. corrugated plastic, which should last for two years. Both materials are resistant to weak wind gusts. Should you encounter stronger wind conditions, you can add wind slits for vinyl banners. For yard signs, you can add another sign stake at the back to reinforce it.

Whether your church is planning sunrise services, your restaurant is offering a special Easter menu, or you need to design vinyl banners for a photo opportunity with the Easter Bunny, eSigns has created a huge selection of free Easter banner designs you can customize and apply to any of the banners we offer.


Design Ideas for Custom Easter Signs and Banners

Aside from church and religious events, a lot of other businesses can join in on the Easter celebrations. We have hundreds of free design templates available for you to get started with. Our online design tool lets you edit the templates and add images, color, shapes, and text. You can also use it to create a custom sign completely from scratch. By adding your custom message and uploading any Easter graphics your vinyl banners can be created to add decor or promote any Easter event you are planning. Ready to celebrate Easter? Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Personalized Easter yard signs and banners are great for promoting a community-initiated Easter egg hunt. Whether the egg hunt covers only your front yard or the whole playground, yard signs can act as announcements and directional markers at the same time.
  • Happy Easter banners are also a great way for Christian business owners to share their faith with customers. Whether you want to display your custom banners to promote a spring sales event, or advertise the variety of Easter baskets you sell.
  • Retail stores can use Easter sales banners to promote dress sales and clothes for kids and adults, while candy shops can use these banners to advertise Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, and those butter cream eggs we all love so much.
  • Animal rescue groups can also use Easter signs and banners to remind people to be responsible pet owners. You can communicate how purchasing pet rabbits for children come with responsibilities, or share the benefits of adopting a cat or dog from the local pound or shelter instead of buying from a pet shop.

Order Your Custom Easter Signs in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Choose the size you need for the space you have in mind.
  2. Upload your artwork or use our online design tool to customize your Easter sign.
  3. Once your design is ready, you will be directed to your cart. Here you can set your order quantity and see your order's estimated total price.

Ordering more than one Easter sign? eSigns offers Quantity Discounts! The more you order, the more you save. You can view the different discounts, as well as the turnaround time for your order below the design upload button.



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